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Greenacres Hall 1987
Title Greenacre Hall
Date 1987
Location Rawdon
Photo ID E321
Comment Located on New Road Side and originally built as a Drill Hall, on the left a glimpse of Trinity Church can be seen and to the right is the junction with Quaker Lane. Greenacre Hall is now a community facility (June 2014)
Greenacres Drill Hall 1950s

H319 – Drill Hall, Greenacres, 1950s.

Drill Hall, Greenacres – 1950s

A social evening at the Drill Hall, the men were Territorials who had to sign on for 2 years after doing their National Service.
This occasion was the “Driver of the Year” presentation (local to the Regiment), from left to right are : Ronnie ?, Bill Hardy, ?, Barrie Dean.


Re: Drill Hall,
I was in the Cadet Battalion, Yorkshire Light Infantry; the King’s Own
in the early 1950s.

Mr Garbutt was the Caretaker at the time,
Our platoon leader was named Carl, who emigrated to Canada in 1956.
I was Under Officer in the last year there.
The Tate brothers were there, Doug and Colin, I don’t recall other names.

We learned .22 rifle, SMLE – Short Magazine Lee Enfield .303 full bore
and Bren gun, and shot on the range at Saltburn summer camp, near Redcar.
I was a marksman with the SMLE until I needed glasses ….

Guiseley Battalion joined on occasion under Sgt Busfield,
whose favourite command when taking the squad out on the road for drill.

squad :Across the road:

Ah: Halcyon Days!

John Hopkinson.

Donated by Jean Dean.

Greenacres 2013

H359 – Greenacre Park Rise, 2013.

Greenacre Park Rise – 2013

A view of Greenacre Park Rise, Rawdon.
Photographer John Arundel.

Greenacres 2013

H393 – Greenacre Park Avenue, 2013.

Greenacre Park Avenue – 2013

To the left is Greenacre Park Avenue, Green Lane is to the right.
Photographer John Arundel.

Greenacres 2013

H394 – Greenacre Park Rise, 2014.

Greenacre Park Rise – 2013

Green Lane with the junction to Greenacre Park Rise on the left.
Photographer John Arundel.

Greenacres 2013

K420 – Green Lane, 2013.

Green Lane – 2013

Looking across Green Lane to the “China Red” restaurant, the large modern building in the background is Benton Park School.

Greenacres 2014

K370 – Greenacre Park Avenue, 2014.

Greenacre Park Avenue – 2014

View of Greenacre Park and Greenacre Park Avenue.
Photographer John Arundel.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 20 Apr 2021.
Last updated: 27 October 2022 – All images updated.

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