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Ivy House

Ivy House Undated
Title Ivy House
Date 1600s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID E068
Comment Ivy House is situated near the bottom of Over Lane, dating from the 1600’s, for 200 years was the home of the Grimshaw family.

The Grimshaws were religious dissenters and meetings were held at the house until after 1670, when the Grimshaws became active Quakers and Sarah Grimshaw obtained a licence for worship at the Quaker meeting Hall in Rawdon.
The freehold was owned by the Marshalls until 1830, when it was sold to Rev. L W Hird.

Between 1910 and the 1940’s a hand laundry operated from Ivy House. In the foreground of this photo there is a sign stating “Rawdon Hand Laundry”
Farmland once part of Ivy House was sold in lots.

Also in this photo is a sign in the foreground stating “This valuable freehold building land for sale”
Larkfield Drive was built on part of the land to the rear of Ivy House and to the left hand side of Ivy House on Over Lane, land was sold and in the 1960’s Aireborough Council built bungalows for the elderly.

Ivy House Undated

B358 – Ivy House, Undated.

Ivy House – Undated

During some renovations whilst a wall was stripped, this fireplace was discovered.

Ivy House Undated

B359 – Ivy House, Undated.

Ivy House – Undated

Front and left hand side view of Ivy House. To the right hand side the edge of Grade II listed Ivy Cottage can be seen.

Ivy House 1978

C916 – Ivy House, 1978.

Ivy House – 1978

Ivy House Undated

B360 – Ivy House, Undated.

Ivy House – Undated

Front view of an ivy covered Ivy House!

Previous Comments:

While researching my family tree on ancestry, I came across some information on my relatives from Yorkshire. My maternal grandmothers maiden name was Grimshaw and I have traced her side back a lot and have got to 1500’s to a Jacob Grimshaw born in Guiseley, Yorkshire. I have ABRAHAM GRIMSHAW on my tree who was married to Sarah Collier and there are records of his involvement on the Quaker House.
29 November 2020

In the archives of Aireborough Historical Society there is a copy of a booklet
The History of Ivy House by Irene Lawson. (Ed.)

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 15 March 2021.
Last updated: 01 November 2022 – All images updated.

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