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Leeds Road

Leeds Road 1907
Title Leeds Road
Date 1907
Location Rawdon
Photo ID B170
Comment Preparations are being made to lay tracks for the trams which came in 1909. This is just past Over Lane, the house on the left is Rock View.
Leeds Road c1909

FBA011 – Leeds Road, c1909.

Leeds Road – c1909

Leeds Road with Over Lane on the left, a tram can be seen in the distance which dates the photo to after 1909 when the first trams ran to Rawdon.

Leeds Road c1909

B223 – Leeds Road – c1909

Leeds Road – c1909

A postcard photograph – Over Lane is at the junction on the left.
A tram is traveling towards Rawdon crossroads.

Immediately to the right of this image in 1911, the foundation stone for the new Conservative Club was laid. See V524 & V525 below.

Leeds Road c1909

B223R – Leeds Road, c1909.

Leeds Road – c1909

On the reverse is a message:
“Isn’t this a good one. Hope they are all good. It is lovely here. We have been out ever since we came here. L Thornton”
It was addressed to Miss Webster, 26 Victoria Street, Skipton

Foundation Stone Conservative Club 1911

V524 – Conservative Club, Leeds Road – 1911

Conservative Club, Leeds Road – 1911

Sarah Elizabeth Richardson (by the pole) at the laying of the foundation stone at Rawdon Conservative Club. Sarah’s second husband James Sutcliffe was a stone mason so he Could have helped build it.

Donated by Maureen Naylor.

Conservative Club Foundation Stone 1912

V525 – Conservative Club, Leeds Road, 1912.

Conservative Club, Leeds Road – 1912

Foundation stone layed by T Marshall, then the cub president.

Donated by Maureen Naylor.

Rawdon Conservative Club 1912

W998 – Conservative Club, Leeds Road – 1912.

Conservative Club, Leeds Road – 1912

Rawdon Conservative Club 1912.
Image donated by Anthony Lupton.

See also image W998A below.

Leeds Road 1950s

J401 – Leeds Road – 1947.

Leeds Road – 1947

This view of Leeds Road is looking towards Rawdon crossroads.
Photographer Marmaduke Milner, donated by the Swain family of Rawdon.

The sign that is visible on the left is the entrance to the roadside garage of Mr Lawson (Lawson’s Garage). Mr Lawson lived on Over Lane.

Leeds Road Undated

E083 – Leeds Road, c1909.

West Houses, Leeds Road – Undated

West Houses is the row of cottages which number from 27 on the left to 35 on the right, the end cottage was demolished some years ago because the gable end of the house was collapsing.
The last house in the row now is 33, the attic windows have been replaced by sky-lights (October 2012)

Conservative Club Undated

W998A – Conservative Club, Leeds Road – Undated.

Conservative Club, Leeds Road – Undated

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 18 April 2021.
Last updated: 21 February 2023 – Photo ID: W998A. 01 February 2023 – Photo ID: W998. 08 November 2022 – Photo ID: V524 & V525. 01 November 2022 – All images updated.

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