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Littlemoor Primary School 1879 – 2005 (1)

Rawdon Littlemoor School c1879

AA93 – Littlemoor Primary School, c1879.

Title Littlemoor primary School 1879 – 2005 (1)
Date 1879 to 2005
Location Rawdon
Photo ID AA93
Comment A Brief History: Littlemoor Primary School is quasi-ecclesiastical style with a bell turret opened in 1879, at the junction of Harrogate Road and Batter Lane. It closed in 2005 and has now been converted into housing.
Rawdon Littlemoor School c1879

AA93R – Littlemoor Primary School, c1879.

Littlemoor Primary School – 1908

The reverse of the above postcard image of a view of Littlemoor School, sent to a Miss Steele of Holbeck, Leeds.

The message reads: “Dear Nellie, we shall be pleased to see you on Sunday as it is our harvest and the potatoes are ready”.

Dated 10th September 1908.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1905

B169 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1905.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1905

A mixed class of children in 1905.

On the left is teacher Miss Emily Yeadon, the Headmaster Mr Holmshaw is to the right.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1908/09

FBA069 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1908/09.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1908/09

On the right side of the back row is Granville Teal, father of the donor of this image, David Teale.

After school Granville went into partnership with Frank Sellars, they had a joiners and undertakers business at the Rawdon Co-op (opposite Ilkley bus stop).
He later had a newsagents business on Harrogate Road.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1910

H386 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1910.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1910

This photo was taken in July 1910, at the Batter Lane entrance to the school.

The donor of the image, Mrs Aldyth Rushworth, is 4th from the left on the middle row, aged 6 yrs.

Willie, aged 4 yrs is 2nd from the right on the front row, Madge aged 4 yrs on September 3rd 1909, is 4th from the right on the front row.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1918

G096 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1918.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1918

These children were standards 3 and 4. Their names were:
Back row left to right: Grimshaw, L Finch (later Mrs Fearing), C Thomas, W Girt, ? Robinson, D Horner, M Jennings, E Wittam, O Richardson, L Barnes, A Nicholson. The teacher was Miss Peel.

Third row left to right: B Smith, A Brown, ? Evans, J Cobb, F Hardy, J Greenwood, I Slack, A Slack, A swift. ( ? )

Second row left to right: I Hesp, E Wilkinson, O Longfield, M Haigh, M Judson, N Hardaker, A Rhodes, A Wilson, E Bickerdyke, I Cullingworth.

Front row left to right: ? Wilkinson, J Prince, E Hardwick, L Nolan, A Barnes, A Ramshaw, ( ? ) J Sedgwick, K Emsley.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1920

C083 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1920.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1920

A mixed class at Littlemoor School.  The teacher is on the left. 

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1921

I018 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1921.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1921

The teacher on the left was Miss Busfield and she is with a mixed class of pupils. 

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1921

FB304 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1921.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1921

A class of pupils with teacher, Miss Peel.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1923/24

FF02 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1923/24.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1923/24

On the left is teacher Miss Jane Halmshaw.
Back row left to right: Walter Rollinson, Gordon ?, Jack Tolson, Blanche Tordoff, Marjorie Kitson, Ethel Rednal, Holly Slade, Billy Greaves, ? Hollings, Dick Rigg, Eddie Mercer.

Third row left to right: Edna Scott, Doris Hinkle, Margaret Clark, Enid Calvert, Mollie Young, Sally Smith, Mary Smith, Peggy Stretton, Muriel Kendall, ( ? ) Patty Hudson, Ivy Walker.

2nd row left to right: Irene Webster, Maud Gill, marion Preston, Iris ?, Marjorie Beatty, Margaret Oates, John Thomas, Laura Waite, Gladys Kay, Frances Nolan, Eileen Dixon, Mary Farrell.

Front row left to right: Fred Yeadon, Eric Booth, Fred Long, Jack Houlden, Willie Girt, Irving Wadsworth, Alan Hardaker, Cyril Barnes, Donald Womersley.

AHS Note:
Dick Rigg carried on the Rigg family tradition of becoming a butcher, with his brothers and son David. He had several shops including one on Yeadon High Street and one on Harrogate Road in Rawdon.
He lived in the first cottage past the shop, his sister Marion had a flat above the shop which she retained when the business was sold to Wilkinsons.
Eddie Mercer was a founder member of what was then called the Aireborough and Horsforth Museum Society (now Aireborough Historical Society), after his death his brother Roy donated all his papers to the Society.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils c1929

D260 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1929.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – c1929

A class of girls and boys with their teacher.

On the second row first on the right: Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy) better known in later life as a bus conductress on the Samuel Ledgard’s buses.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils c1929

D260A – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1929.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – c1929

A close up showing Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy).

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1930

FBA174 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1930s.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1930s

A class of girls and boys with their teacher.

Donated by Helen Collins. 

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1933

FBA176 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1933.

Littlemoor Primary School Pantomime – 1933

The cast of the school pantomime.

Donated by Helen Collins.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1947

K061 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1947.

Littlemoor Primary School – 1947

A photograph of the school taken in 1947, by photographer Marmaduke Milner and donated by the Swain family of Rawdon.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1948

I128 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1948.

Littlemoor Primary School Youth Club – 1948

A Christmas party at the Rawdon Littlemoor School Youth Club.

Donated by Eddie Jenkinson. 

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1949

C058 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1949.

Littlemoor Primary School Football Team – 1949

Harry Jones, schoolmaster is on the left.

Jean Dean has provided some of the names of the team:

Back row left to right: David Croft, Barry Stead, Noel Prince, ( ? )  ( ? )

Middle row left to right: ( ? )  Keith Rawnsley, ( ? )  David Ingleson, Brian Stead. Front ro left to right: ( ? )  ( ? )  ( ? )  Peter Waterworth.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1950s

I022 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1950s.

Littlemoor Primary School Camp – 1950s

Boys enjoying camp at Bewerley Park near Pateley Bridge.

Rawdon Littlemoor School Pupils 1950s

I023 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, 1950s.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – 1950s

A group of children at a school camp location, again as above.

Littlemoor School Pupils c1950s

I014 – Littlemoor Primary School Pupils, c1950s.

Littlemoor Primary School Pupils – c1950s

These children were pupils at Littlemoor School, the teacher is Miss Busfield.

Previous Comments:

Re C083
My father, Edward Rigg, is on this photo (3rd row from the bottom, forth child from the right – not wearing a jacket).
He would have been 8. I have the list of all the children’s names. The teacher’s name was Charlesworth.
10 March 2017

Re FBA176
Second row from front, far left Gordon (Jim) Lupton
29 April 2014

Re I023
A few of these boys were friends and neighbours of the Luty boys, from Markam Avenue and Second Avenue Rawdon, some of the names are David Ingleson, Keith Rawnsley, Kenneth Norris, Douglas Lidyard, Wilfred Sunderland,Jim Armitage. (bottom picture)
30 May 2013

Re I128
Oh yes, I remember it well. Are any of you still out there. It was the best youth club ever. Don’t we all look grown up.
I say we but I didn’t join until later that year so I’m not on this.
Some of the names.

L and Right as seen from the front. Centre straightening his tie Wilf Verity, behind Sylvia Birch with Wilf’s brother Douglas, sons of Hedley Verity, famous cricketer. Front right David Birch. Behind him Brian Harper with pretty girl on his knee. Left edge Margaret ? who married Jim Toakley, another member.
I’ll print this out and have another think.

It is all being dragged out of an 80 year old memory. Shirley ( Bailey )
23 July 2015

Remembered some more names…..Brian Whittaker, Audrey Harper, Winnie Fox, Marjorie Rhodes. Where are Phillip Best, brilliant tennis player and Donald B who was heading for being an MP.
Their mother was a mainstay of the running of the youth club, fondly remembered.

Re FBA174
jean dean
That looks like Miss Verity’s class the entry age was seven years old.
20 January 2021

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Last updated – 19 November 2023 – Photo ID: I014. 10 October 2022 – All images updated. 02 February 2021. Photo ID: I128. 21 January 2021. Photo ID: N02 removed. 19 January 2021. Photo ID: D260 & D260A.

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