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National School 1861 to St. Peter’s (C of E) Primary School (1)

National School Rawdon 1861

G056 – National School, Rawdon, 1861.

Title National School to St. Peter’s (C of E) Primary School (1)
Date 1861
Location Rawdon
Photo ID G056
Comment See below…

National School in all its splendor prior to burning to the ground in 1951. A brief History:
Thomas Layton had St. Peter’s Church School built in 1710, as a school for boys at the junction of Layton Avenue and Town Street.

A church school for girls and infants was built on the present site on Town Street in 1861 and extended in 1876 with two classrooms for boys, (G056) together with a master’s house (Second photo C195a).

The school, but not the masters house, was burnt down in 1951. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1955, and the master’s house was then and still is today occupied by the school caretaker.

The old building erected under Thomas Layton (The Institute) was used for parochial purposes from 1876 to 1979 when it was turned into a private house.

Rawdon National school caretakers House 1861

C195a – National School, Caretakers House, 1861.

National School – 1861

On the left of this photograph is the school Headmasters residence up until 1951, when the school was destroyed by fire. When the new school was completed in 1951, the Headmasters residence became the Caretakers home and is still in use as such to this day. (March 2021).

An account of the fire is given by Paul Metcalf who was a young pupil and whose grandparents were the school caretakers at the time. To read his account please – Click Here

Pupils and Teachers 1893

F140 – National School Pupils, 1893.

National School Pupils – 1893

A class of children with two teachers.

National School Pupils and Teachers c1895

N754 – National School, Caretakers House, c1895.

National School – c1895

An undated photograph of school pupils with the Master Mr Richard Brotherton and Miss Hesleton, Teaching Assistant, at Rawdon National School.

Editor’s Note: This image is being shared from the Kendall Family Album which we are extremely grateful.

Rawdon National Pupils 1901

G059 – National School Pupils, 1901.

National School Pupils – 1901

A group of pupils at the National School. On the left is Headmaster Mr Cockcroft. The teacher on the right is thought to be Miss Bilton.

G061 – National School Pupils, 1902.

National School Pupils – 1902

A group of children at the National. Headmaster Mr Cockcroft and one of the female teachers was possibly Miss Mary Palliser.

Rawdon National Pupils 1902

F348 – National School Pupils, 1902.

National School Pupils – 1902

A class of children together with the Headmaster Mr Cockcroft.

National School Pupils and Teacher 1902

Y602 – National School Pupils, 1902.

National School Pupils – 1902

A group of children and teacher at the National. No further information available.

Donated by Carol Hall.

National School Pupils Rawdon 1903

V508 – National School Pupils, 1903.

National School Pupils – 1903

A class of children with the Headmaster Mr. Cockcroft on the left.

This is a photo of my grandmother Eva Sutcliffe on the front row 2nd from the right.
The school is Rawdon National. She was born in 1897 at Henley View, Rawdon, so this photo must have been taken about 1903. Her father was James Sutcliffe a Stone Mason and her mother was Sarah Elizabeth.

Donated by Maureen Naylor.

Rawdon National Pupils 1909

D261 – National School Pupils, 1909.

National School Pupils – 1909

A class of children at the National, donated by Val Ryan. The Headmaster Mr Cockcroft is on the right. Pupil Madge Long is seated 4th from the right on the front row.

Rawdon National Pupils 1920

V66 – National School Pupils, 1920.

National School Pupils – 1920

A few names have been supplied with this photograph:
On the 3rd row, 6th and 7th from the left are twins, Sally and Mary Smith.
2nd row, 6th from the left is Margaret Oates, then on the front row 3rd from the right is Alan Hardacre.

Rawdon National Pupils c1920s

F356 – National School Pupils, c1920s.

National School Pupils – c1920s

The Headmaster Mr Cockcroft taught at the school for many years.

On the back row, 4th from the left is Rene Long, born September 1913. She lived at the Nags Head public house on Town Street, (later to become the Post Office for the village).

Later she moved to Grange Farm with her mother, Step-father and sister, the present school car park is now on the site of the farm (August 2014)

She was married to Mr H Hoare, her daughter Val Ryan donated this image.

Rawdon National Pupils c1920s

T265 – National School Pupils, c1920s.

National School Pupils – c1920s

The Headmaster Mr Cockcroft and a class of pupils.  Rene Long is on the middle row, 5th from the left with her hair on her shoulder.

The photograph was donated by Val Ryan.

Rawdon National Pupils c1920s

T266 – National School Pupils, c 1920s.

National School Pupils, c1920s

Another splendid photograph of the Headmaster Mr Cockcroft, centre, and a class of pupils.

The photograph was donated by Val Ryan.

Rawdon National Pupils 1921

T50 – National School Pupils, 1921.

National School Pupils – 1921

The Headmaster Mr Charles Cockcroft is on the left. Miss Mary Palliser is the teacher on the right.

A number of names have been supplied but the positions of the children are not pin-pointed:

On the back row, George ledger, Clifford Metcalf, John Huddlestone, Willie Lusford, Herbert Kemp and Jack Kemp.

On the third row, Douglas Metcalf, Claude Metcalf, Mary Teale, Beatrice Jackson and Dinah Huddlestone.

On the second row, Winifred Hattersley, Lily Teale and Alice Harper.

On the front row, Eric Money, Ronald Money and Frank Harper.

Previous Comments:

Re T265
Lovely to see this photo as my Mum was at the National School at this time, our family were friends with Lily and Mary Teale and the Harper family.

Can’t see Mum on the photo she would have been 8yrs old in 1921 so maybe a different class her name was Rene Long but I do remember Miss Mary Palliser with whom my Mum was very friendly in later life and my Mum talked fondly of Mr Cockcroft the headmaster.
Miss Palliser was a lovely lady and was still there and taught my brother Stuart Hoare when he started school in the 1940s.
13 November 2013.

Re T266
Winifred Hattersley was on the photo but on the third row as she was eight years old and a lifetime friend of Mary Teale. John Hattersley was six so he will be on. John lost his life in Italy during W.W.2, shot by a sniper.
Winifred Hattersley was my mother.
13 November 2013.

Re T50
Miss Mary Palliser was my 2nd great aunt!!! So nice to see what she looked like as I don’t have any photos of her or her family.

Her parents were James Palliser and Elizabeth Jennings. Her brother Joseph was my great grandfather.

Also nice to see a post from valrayan85a that someone actually knew her!

Thanks for submitting these photos … your site is just wonderful!
23 April 2014

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 28 December 2020.
Last updated: 17 January 2024 – Photo ID: Temp. 27 October 2023 – N754. 25 October 2022 – V508 replaced & Text & updated – U899 removed. 22 September 2022 – All images updated.

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