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The Nags Head Inn – c1920s

The Nags Head Inn c1920s

Title The Nags Head Inn
Date c1920s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID U977A
Comment See below …

This is an enlargement of photo ID; U977 seen in Rawdon Town Street (1) on this site and is the only known image of the Nags Head Inn.

On the left is the building of what is now the Village Bakery and in the distance the tower of St. Peter’s Church.

The entrance to what was Grange Farm is on the left just about where the little vehicle is and Emsley’s General Store would be opposite.

Val Ryan commented “My Granddad Walter Long and his wife Clara moved their family from Yeadon to Rawdon after their daughter Florence Margaret (Madge) was born in Yeadon in July 1903, at some point they took over the Nags Head public house on Town Street where my mother Renie was born in 1913. Granddad Walter died in tragic circumstances in 1916, Clara (Louie) continued to run the pub until she remarried in 1918 to Jack Braithwaite a farmer and headman at the pub. The couple moved across the road to become tenant farmers at Grange Farm, Town Street where they stayed until 1945.”

We believe that the Nags Head closed during 1933. Ed. JB. 21 February 2024.

Town Street 1900s

I635A – Town Street, c1900s.

The Nags Head Inn – c1900s

This better quality image of Town Street c1900s, with the arrow, points out the location of the building where the Nags Head Inn was located.

The first building on the left is the old National School with its bell tower and the Headmaster’s House later to become the Caretakers House after the fire of 1951 when the school was destoyed.

Consolidated by J Brayshaw. 21 February 2024.
Last Updated: 21 February 2024.

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