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J B Battye & Co

J B Battye & Co Undated

Title J B Battye & Co
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M978
Comment The mill complex was built in 1868 and owned by the Brown Brother, later it was occupied by J B Battye & Co, Woollen Spinners. The building is now split into units, the Safe Haven charity furniture warehouse is based there.
J B Battye & Co 1957

F364 – J B Battye & Co, 1957.

J B Battye & Co – 1957

The staff of Battye’s textile mill, in the centre is Alderman Joe Hiley JP Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1957, he had presented awards to some of the workpeople. Mrs Hiley is holding a bouquet of flowers.

J B Battye & Co 1957

F363 – J B Battye & Co, 1957.

J B Battye & Co – 1957

Staff of JB Battye’s being given awards by Alderman Joe Hiley JP, then Lord Mayor of Leeds.

In the period 1959-1974 he was Conservative MP for the Pudsey Constituency.

Mrs Hiley is being presented with flowers.

J B Battye & Co Undated

D459 – J B Battye & Co, Undated.

J B Battye & Co – Undated

Employees assembled outside the mill on a Saturday morning, they are waiting to go on a coach trip.

Battye 1959

D347 – J B Battye & Co, 1959.

J B Battye & Co – 1959

A group of mill hands talking to local MP Mr Joe Hiley.

J B Battye & Co 1983

X344 – J B Battye & Co, 1983.

J B Battye & Co – 1983

J B Battye housed in what had been Kirk Lane Mills on Whack House Lane.

Photographer Dennis Court.

J B Battye & Co 1983

X345 – J B Battye & Co, 1983.

J B Battye & Co – 1983

J B Battye & Co 1984

X247 – J B Battye & Co, 1984.

J B Battye & Co – 1984

Looking across Kirk Lane to Battye’s business, housed in the former Kirk Lane Mill which was built for the Brown brothers in 1868.

It is now split into units one of which is used by the Safe Haven charity as a furniture warehouse.

Towards the right a digger is at work on the site of Leafield  Mill, it was the demolition of Leafield Mill which made this particular view possible.

Donated by Dennis Court.

Previous Comments:

Re X344
The lady walking along was my grandmother Mrs. Evelyn Evans of Westfield Drive. Yeadon.
17 March 2019.

Re X344
Dee Hemsley
I remember Evelyn Evans very well. What a surprise to see her on that photo.
15 January 2021.

Re F364
Pauline Jeffrey-Walker
OMG. I’m so happy. I looked at this photo to see if there was anyone knew on it and stood right in the centre at the back is my father, and also my grandfather, the man standing with his back to the wall and smiling. My grandad died before I was born, but I think I recognise him from an old photo my grandma had. What a lovely surprise to see my dad as a young man, he passed nearly forty years ago aged 50.

Hi, Pauline, If Herbert Jeffrey is your grandad I knew him well in the 1930s and 40s and also his father who had one of the first cars in Yeadon. It had a dicky seat at the back and I rode in it many times. I lost touch with them during the war when I was away in the navy but I remember his sister Rene who had a shop down the steep at yeadon.
I recognise lots of the women in the photo but can only name 2 – 3rd and 4th from the left front row were Mrs Gaulter and Rene Luty.
09 July 2015.

My Mum Mary Waited and my Aunties Eva Cousins and Betty are on pic.
21 June 2016.

Re D347
The lady fourth from the left looks like Mrs Gaulter and I know the face of the one second from the right but can’t remember her name.
25 January 2015.

Anyone remember Bill Bentley – worked at Battye & Co in the mid 1950s.
14 February 2015.

Mrs Brown 3rd from left. I worked in the office there 1960 with Sally Blamire, who I think was Joe Hileys secretary also Mrs Barham.
18 October 2015.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 12 November 2021.
Last updated: 11 January 2023 – All images reviewed. 23 December 2021 – Photo ID: D347

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