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Leeds & Bradford Airport – (3)

Leeds & Bradford Airport 1986

Title Leeds & Bradford Airport
Date 1986
Location Yeadon
Photo ID N105
Comment Crowds of people on Cemetery Road waiting for the arrival of Concorde at Leeds Bradford Airport. The first flight in was made by Air France to/from Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, all other flights were made by British Airways operating to/from London Heathrow with some local short pleasure trips flying super-sonic over the North Sea.
Leeds & Bradford Airport 1986

N106 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 1986.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 1986

An excited group watching from a good vantage point on Cemetery Road to see Concorde fly into Leeds Bradford Airport.
The man standing at the Cemetery gate on the left was Alfred Hudson of Milton Terrace, Yeadon.  

Leeds & Bradford Airport 1986

D756 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 1986.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 1986

The magnificent sight of Concorde taking off over the heads of plane spotters watching from the view point on Cemetery Road.

It was the first time Concorde had visited LBA.

Donated by Ian Brown.

Leeds and Bradford Airport 2014

N988 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 2014.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 2014

Aircraft on the apron in front of the terminal building, a Ryanair flight has passengers boarding from the front and rear.

Courtesy of Ken Cothliff.

Leeds & Bradford Airport 2016

S364 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 2016.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 2016

Looking across Yeadon Cemetery to the 14 end of the runway, Jet2 Flight 389 is departing for Funchal, Madeira with Senior First Officer Richard Chadwick in the right hand seat.

The plane is a Boeing 737-800 regn. G-GDF2.

The photographer is Kelly Chadwick, Richard’s wife.

Leeds and Bradford Airport 2018

N987 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 2018.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 2018

Terminal and airport parking areas in view. Top centre is Harrogate Road as it approaches the tunnel, top right corner Yeadon Tarn (Dam). In the bottom right corner is White House Road.

Courtesy of Ken Cothliff.

LBA 2021

W708 – Leeds & Bradford Airport, 2021.

Leeds & Bradford Airport – 2021

Thought this aerial photo of LBA during lockdown could be added AHS records. Fifteen planes parked up and car parks empty, not like the airport carpark on Warren House Lane which was near full when I passed yesterday. The photo is a screen grab from Bing Maps so not my picture.

Donated by Philip Archdale.

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 16 February 2022.
Last updated: 29 September 2023 – Photo ID: N987 & N988. 29 June 2023 – Photo ID: W708. 11 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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