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The Clothiers Arms

The Clothiers 1978

Title The Clothiers Arms
Date 1978
Location Yeadon
Photo ID E479
Comment Looking across from Albert Square to the Clothiers Arms, now one of the Wetherspoons chain.
The Clothiers 1940

I490 – The Clothiers Arms, 1940.

The Clothiers Arms – 1940

A photograph showing a large group of men outside the Clothiers public house.
There is no information to accompany this picture but, the men all seem smartly dressed and some are wearing button holes.

Donated by Howard German.

The Clothiers 1979

JH079 – The Clothiers Arms, 1979.

The Clothiers Arms – 1979

The Clothiers Arms is on the High Street, Harper Lane is on the left where Hanover House apartments are in view.
The Clothiers is now one of the Wetherspoon group (February 2014)

The Clothiers 2013

B479 – The Clothiers Arms, 2013.

The Clothiers Arms – 2013

To the left is Harper Lane, Hanover House apartments can be seen . The Clothiers Arms was taken over by the Wetherspoon chain, they renovated the building which was reopened in May 2013.

Donated by John Arundel.

Previous Comments:

Re I490
The picture is probably taken just after 1940 as James Halton Hemsley first appears as resident in the Clothiers arms in 1940 in the Electoral registers along with his wife Mary . (the Licensee name on the sign looks newly painted)
14 July 2022.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 10 November 2021.
Last updated: 17 January 2023 – All images updated. 15 July 2022 – Photo ID: I490 Previous Comments. 19 January 2022 – Photo ID: I490 & E479.

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