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Brass Band

Brass Band 1860
Title Yeadon Brass Band
Date 1860
Location Yeadon
Photo ID T78
Comment An early image of the band.
Brass Band 1887

T77 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1887.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1887

Standing left to right: R Child (Drummer), A Denison,  Joe Dawson,  J E Smith,  Wright Yeadon,   S Williams,  R Jenkinson,   Gaunt Smith, Mitch Yeadon,   W Grey,  W Greenwood,   W Slater.

The man not in uniform was W Robinson. Seated left to right : Joe Yeadon,   Eddie Walker,   W Cooper,   E Mercer,   Alb Wood,   A Kitson,   J Roberts,  Ned Wilkinson (Conductor).

Brass Band 1900

T74 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1900.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1900

On the back row left to right :  S Lupton,   S Jenkinson,   E Walker,   A Jenkinson,  J Sunderland,   W Gray,   R Jenkinson,   G Ward.

Middle row left to right :  A Kitson,   R Miller,   S Bartle (Conductor),   E Gilbert, M Grimshaw,   W Senior,   T Grimshaw,   J Dawson ,  J Little.

Front row left to right :  W Williams,   F Dickinson,   S Williams (Drummer),   W Cooper,   E Long.

Brass Band 1900

Z409 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1900.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1900

Yeadon brass band in uniform playing their instruments.

Brass Band 1905

Z18 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1905.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1905

Brass Band assembled in uniform complete with drum!
The band was founded in 1850 by William Hudson and William Taylor.
For several decades they played with their own instruments or new as the band were able to acquire them.

In 1900 they were able to buy a complete new set of instruments from Boosey & Co London for the sum of £200.
This enabled the band to produce a consistent uniform sound.
They rehearsed in available rooms and have never had a band room of their own. They became an integral part of Yeadon life, playing at most public events.
Their was a strong family tradition within the band, generation following generation. One of the most recognised members was Walter Jackson, a member for over 50 years, he died in 1940 having been conductor for 30 years.
During this time the band won 37 prizes and he was awarded 7 medals for conducting.
Ladies were able to join from 1930.

The band still plays on, now rehearsing in Yeadon library.

Brass Band 1908

A165 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1908.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1908

Yeadon Old Brass Band in front of Yeadon Cricket Club pavilion.
They are wearing smart uniforms and have an array of brass instruments plus a drum. A complete set of new instruments were bought in 1900.

Brass Band 1913

T80 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1913.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1913

Seated 2nd from the right is George Herbert Teale.

Editor’s Note: George Herbert Teale was one of the founder members of the Theatre Royal (Peeps), Yeadon. To view a further photograph of him and the (Peeps) please search Theatre Royal (Peeps) in ‘Clubs’ or – Click Here.

Brass Band 1931

T73 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1887.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1921

Back row left to right: A Brown,   W Stevenson,   G Myers,   C W Yeadon,   H Marshall,   B Limmer,  L Myers,   N Firth,

Middle row left to right : D Brown,   H Coates,   W Lawson,   A Webster,   J B Lofts,  J Gilbert,   A Stocks,   T Slater,  G Wooller.

Seated row left to right : H Harrison,   G Boothroyd,   T Ayscough,   W Jackson,  S Lupton,   L Hargreaves,   E Jackson,  R Hudson, Sat in front with a trumpet is L Long.

Brass Band 1931

J28 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1931.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1931

The Brass Band with a shield and cups.

On the reverse is the following:

Contest Results 1931

Mar 28 – 1st Prize and Cup in March Yeadon.

Mar 28 – 4th Prize in Selection Yeadon.

May 26 – 5th Prize in Selection Huddersfield.

June 27 – 2nd Prize in Selection Yeadon.

Aug 15 – 1st Prize and Cup in Selection Ripley.

Aug 15 – 1st Prize and 2nd in Selection Ripley Sept 12 Is Prize Guiseley.

Brass Band c1931

H402 – Yeadon Brass Band, c1931.

Yeadon Brass Band – c1931

Playing the trombone on the left is Wilfred Dobson, brother of Harry Dobson.

Brass Band Conductors 1950

T76 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1950.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1950

Yeadon Brass Band Conductors. On the left is the late Walter Jackson who conducted the band for 32 years. Gersham Collison the present Conductor is on the right. (February 2013)

Brass Band 1950s

PU027 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1950s.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1950s

Back row left to right :  G King,   C Waite,  L V Dowling,   N Airton,   G Simpson,  E Eastwood,   D Akers.

Middle row left to right:  F Waite,   T Pullan,   J Dyson,   W Dobson,   D Hey,  B Newman,  T Raine,   S Roo,   G Stocks,  R Hudson. (Treasurer)

Front row left to right :  W Waite,   J Rhodes,   G Girt,   G E Lawson (Bandmaster),  T W Smith (President)  Yeadon,   H W Pullan,   P McCone.

Donated by Sharon Broadhead nee McCone.

Brass Band 1950s

PU028 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1950s.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1950s

The band are leading a parade, coming round from Ivegate onto the High Street, probably it was Yeadon Carnival.

Brass Band 1950s

PU029 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1950s.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1950s

Yeadon Carnival day, the band members take time to pose for a photo. Peter McCone is standing 3rd in from the left.

Brass Band 1957

G084 – Yeadon Brass Band, 1957.

Yeadon Brass Band – 1957

This photograph was taken after 1955, on the left is Queen Street United Methodist Chapel, the noticeboard has details of the amalgamation with the Chapel Hill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel which was in July 1955.

Next to the chapel is the Clothiers Arms, then the entrance to Queen Street can be seen.

The High Street is lined with people watching Yeadon Band marching in front of the coaches which had taken the elderly of Yeadon on their annual trip to the seaside organised by Yeadon Charities.

It was and still is the custom that the Band welcome them home.

On the right edge is Albert Mill.

Previous Comments:

Re T76
Geoff Simpson
The information which gives credit to Walter Jackson as conductor of Yeadon Brass Band during the 1950’s is incorrect. Mr Jackson did not conduct the band leading up to WWW2. Throughout the war all the band instruments were handed over to South View Boys School under the conductorship of Mr Lawrence Hargreaves, who continued to conduct the band when it reformed after the war. Gersham Collinson took over the leadership in 1949 and it was he who led the band to its various successes until he left to take the Hammonds Sauce Band in 1953.
06 February 2018.

Re G084
My dad and I would be in this photo, impossible to detect though. I remember marching up the main street from the Town Hall, Mr Willie Waite playing Bflat BASS front right of picture.
25 June 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 21 October 2021.
Last updated: 22 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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