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Celtic AFC

Celtic AFC 1908
Title Yeadon Celtic AFC
Date 1908
Location Yeadon
Photo ID T62
Comment Yeadon Celtic AFC line up 1908.

These players were the first team cup winners, on the back row left to right are:
B Dawson, W Gledhill, L Gill, H Hogg, H Whitehead, A Luty, Marshall.

Middle row left to right: L Howson, Craven, R Lewis, B Reid, H Ward.

In front left to right: H Walker, S Luty, A Glendenning.

Celtic AFC Undated

T63 – Celtic AFC, Undated.

Celtic AFC – Undated

On the back row left to right:  F Luty,   H Walker,   H Kitson,   R Shaw, 
W Luty,   W Moon,   R Smith,   J Flesher.

Middle row left to right:  A Brown,   A Yates,   A Hill,   R Luty,   A Denison.

Front left to right:  J Wilkinson,   E Slater,   S Luty.

Celtic AFC 1909/10

B163 – Celtic AFC, 1909-1910

Celtic AFC – 1909/10

Yeadon Celtic Association Football Club began in 1907 when a group of young men decided to form a team and decided on a name for the club.
The New Inn on Cemetery Road was the first HQ with games being played on ground alongside the Dam (Tarn).

In their first year they only played friendly games then in 1910 won the Leeds Junior Medal Competition.
By 1910 the team was top of the Wharfedale League.

They moved to a field off Harrogate Road in 1920 using the Peacock Inn as their HQ, 1926 brought another move to their present home on Dam Lane.

These were glory years when the team won the Leeds Amateur League, Wharfedale Cup and the Yeadon Hospital Cup.

Celtic AFC 1911/12

FF190 – Celtic AFC, 1911-1912.

Celtic AFC – 1911/12

This team were the winners of the Wharfedale League.
The names of some players have been noted but not in order :
Tom Fell, Aaron Brown, Albert Luty, Fred Hancock, George McCone, Eddie Slater, Lawrence Luty, Fred Myers, Johnny Flesher, Harrop Lockwood, Jack Webster, Knocker Marshall, Alf Denison, Harold Clough, Sam Luty.

Celtic AFC Undated

J049 – Celtic AFC, Undated.

Celtic AFC – Undated

The man on the left wearing a black overcoat is Mr Dibb, on the right wearing a black flat cap is “little” Joe Long.

Celtic AFC 1923

C293 – Celtic AFC, 1923.

Celtic AFC – 1923

Football team with trophies. (Wharfedale Challenge Cup)

Image donated by Brenda Milnes.

Celtic AFC 1925

FB233 – Celtic AFC, 1925.

Celtic AFC – 1925

Team who were the winners of the Yeadon Celtic AFC Workshop Competition seen outside the Robin Hood Hotel.
The donor of the image Jean Walker gave this information:
“4th from the left on the back row is George Baker, 5th from the left on the back row is Grandma Alice Baker, 6th from the left on the back row is George’s brother and uncle of Jean Walker nee Baker.”

Celtic AFC 1965

E280 – Celtic AFC, 1965.

Celtic AFC – 1965

The team were :
Back row left to right: G Purcell, D Coulson, D Walker, F Thornber, W Spencer (Captain), D Sands.
Front left to right : K Spencer, R Tillotson, W Slater, L Wiseman, M Waite.

Celtic AFC 1968

L362 – Celtic AFC, 1968.

Celtic AFC – 1968

Yeadon Celtic football team.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Celtic AFC 1969

H247 – Celtic AFC, 1969.

Celtic AFC – 1969

Yeadon Celtic football team.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Celtic AFC 1983

FB242 – Celtic AFC, 1983.

Celtic AFC – 1983

Yeadon Celtic FC playing at the White Swan ground with Dam Lane in the background.

Image Donated by Dennis Court.

Previous Comments:

8th March 2016.

Re H247

Nick Vento – next is Ian patrickson, and then last top right Kenny Spencer. Front is Adam Nawoj, dont know the next lad but captain with the ball is Billy Spencer, Chris Ormandy and Kenny Riley with hair, all of the ones mentioned other than the keeper played for Ventus.

Rachel O’Connor – The goalkeeper is Dave Emsley (correct spelling). Line up remembered at the moment is: Back L to R: unknown, Tony O’Reilly, unknown, Dave Emsley, Billy Spencer, unknown, Kenny Spencer. Front L to R: Adam Nawoj, unknown, unknown, Chris Ormandy, Kenny Riley. Brains still ticking over!

Nick Vento – It’s Tony Fawthrop, Tony O’Reiley, Terry Whitiker, Dave Emsley, unknown but I can find out, by ringing Tony Fawthrop.

Andy Foden – Billy Spencer with the ball.

Rich Fawthrop – Yup Tony Fawthrop.. I remember watching this team play… Just..

David Wilson – I think the goalkeeper is David Hemsley.

Lynne Caton – Blimey .. I would never have known !! Great pic …

Gordon Rayner – Tony Forthroup top left.

Hi, the recent post with photo of Yeadon Celtic includes my father Tony Fawthrop – top left.
He managed Yeadon Celtic for a short while too.
He went on to work as a scout at Nottingham Forest (European Champion days when Brian Clough was there) – Chief Scout at Leeds United and several other clubs before settling at Bristol City as Chief Scout, then Academy Director, Director of Football, Assistant Manager and Manager briefly, he took the team to Wembley in the Auto Windscreens Trophy 2000, runners up.. 75,006 crowd.
Then to Southampton.
He currently works for Everton as Southern area Scout.
Thanks for posting the photo!!
You may be able to contact him through Facebook..
Regards Rich.

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Last Updated: 22 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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