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Football Clubs, 1907 – onwards

Swaine Hill AFC 1907

Title Swaine Hill AFC
Date 1907
Location Yeadon
Photo ID J03
Comment The team assembled outside the Robin Hood Hotel, licensee Elizabeth Sadler is in the doorway. Above the door are the terms of the licence “Victualler and Retailer of British and Foreign Spiritous Liquors, Wines, Ale, Porter & Tobacco. To be consumed on the premises”. On the right is a notice board for Yeadon and District Cycle Club.
Swaine Hill AFC c1907

G097 – Swaine Hill AFC, c1907.

Swaine Hill AFC – c1907

Football team with shield, Mr Jim Lupton is on the right.
Reverend Forsyth is in the middle of the back row, he was Vicar of St. Andrew’s Church and lived at Croft House on Harper Lane which later became the Trades Hall.
It is possible the photo was taken in the garden of Croft House.

Park Rangers AFC 1911

B166 – Park Rangers AFC, 1911.

Park Rangers AFC – 1911

Yeadon Park Rangers Association Football Club, winners of the Medal Competition in 1911.
The team sit displaying their medals with a number of people around them.

Temperance Hall AFC 1912

R076 – Temperance Hall AFC, 1912.

Temperance Hall AFC – 1912

Football team assembled on the steps of Yeadon Temperance Hall.

Victoria AFC 1913/14

J056 – Victoria AFC, 1913/14.

Victoria AFC – 1913/14

The player standing back row 1st on the right is Albert Lawson.
Albert Lawson was born in 1895 and died on 29th September 1918, in WWI at Epehy on the Somme, France.

Donated by Julie Martin.

White Rose AFC 1920/21

J339 – White Rose AFC, 1920/21.

White Rose AFC – 1920/21

Football team pictured outside the Robin Hood Hotel, in the middle of the back row is Tom Baker, grandfather of the donor of the photo Jean Walker (nee Baker) Albert Morrell, 2nd from the right on the front row was identified by Jenmor, 18 Aug 2017.

Recreation AFC 1920

I075 – Recreation AFC, 1920.

Recreation AFC – 1920

A group of boys who were the team for Yeadon Recreation Ground (Kirk Lane Park) AFC.

Amateurs AFC 1937

H342 – Amateurs AFC, 1937.

Amateurs AFC – 1937

Winners of the Wharfedale League 2nd Division with shield and members:
Back row left to right : A Saxon, J Bateson, H Nichols, S Smith, S Marshall, H Dennison.
Front left to right : D Robinson, J Preston, A Ives Captain, J Edwards, L Ives.

Donated by Neil Ascough.

James Ives Sports FC 1965

E356 – James Ives Sports FC, 1965.

James Ives Sports FC – 1965

The location was Kirk Lane, in no particular order the football team were:
G Williams (Back row 2nd left) Captain. N Webster (Back row 3rd from right) M Heath (back row 3rd left) N Jukes (Front row 2nd left) M Taylor (Front row 3rd left)
M Rhodes (Back row 4th left) R Clifford (Back row 5th left) J Atkinson, (Front Row 5th left) R Paley (Back row 1st left) F Parker (Front row 2nd from right) and E Dawson (Front row 1st left)

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 04 February 2022.
Last updated: 22 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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