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Sailing Club

Yeadon Sailing Club 1954/55
Title Sailing Club Regatta
Date 1954/55
Location Yeadon
Photo ID FB156
Comment The Regatta took place on Yeadon Dam (Tarn), the two “pirate ships” are ex-army pontoons propelled by outboard motors and disguised as pirate vessels. After a mock battle they would take people on trips round the Dam, to add to the entertainment Council owned rowing boats dressed as war ships would perform mock battles using rockets to create an atmosphere. Sailing Club members manned the boats, in the rowing boat to the left of the pirate ships are 3 men, possibly Willie Atkinson who lived on Football, Clifford Chadwick, then YSC Commodore and Norman Bulmer who was in charge of the Council boats, also a life long member of YSC. The view is looking north north east towards the Novia Plantation, now where the LBA runway is situated. A fair would be set up alongside the Dam and hundreds of people came out to enjoy the occasion. The rowing boats were stored on a pond behind the old bus garage just off the High Street. To the right of the pirate ships is a Graduate 36 sailing dinghy, first launched in 1952, it was the only class of sailing dinghy to be adopted by YSC, several members bought them in kit form and built them. The first Graduate 36 in Yeadon belonged to Albert Lillico (1953) Thanks to YSC members and Howard Chadwick for the information supplied. Donated by Rachel Glynn.
Yeadon Sailing Club 1955/56

E313 – Yeadon Sailing Club, 1955/56.

Sailing Club – 1955/56

Members of the club are working on the slipway and jetty at the Tarn (Dam) preparing for Easter activities.
In the foreground nearest to the camera is Willie Atkinson who at that time lived on Football, later he moved to 9 Quarry Mount.
Willie was a founder member of the club and Secretary for many years.
Working against the wall, bent forward and wearing a dark coloured beret is Clifford Chadwick, father of the donor of this image Howard Chadwick.
During his membership of the club Clifford held various offices.

Image donated by Howard Chadwick.

Yeadon Sailing Club 1957

FB344 – Yeadon Sailing Club 1957.

Sailing Club – 1957

Official opening of the clubhouse in 1957, it was completed in 1956 but it was not until the following year when the balcony had been added that the opening ceremony was held.
On the balcony from left to right are Harry Hammond, then Commodore of the Sailing Club, Councillor Dobson and his wife Alice.
Also present were: Joe Pratt:  Leanne Locke:  Dr David Sharples:  John Carter:  Janey Chadwick (mother of Howard Chadwick): Clifford Chadwick (married to Janey and father of Howard Chadwick)

Yeadon Sailing Club 1957

FB345 – Yeadon Sailing Club, 1957.

Sailing Club – 1957

These people were observing the official opening of the new clubhouse. The dark building in the background was the old clubhouse which was donated to the council who used it for maintenance and to house rowing boats in winter. On the left is the rowing boat landing stage, the sailing Club slipway has boats moored in front of the jetty.
On the jetty are: Brian Wady:  Rosemary Sharp:  Geoff Munro:  Anthony Stringer (leaning on the wall) and John Scott in one of the boats.

People on the left side of the pathway include: Les Bates:  Michael Moulto:  Paul Hammond:  Judith Hammond:  Eric Butler:  Jack Barker: Alan Richardson

To the right of the path and over the fence are: Rhoda Shaw:  Johnny Parkinson:  Christine Boston:  Mrs Munro:  Mrs Myers: Sarah Wady (married to Howard Chadwick):  Howard Chadwick.

Images donated by Howard Chadwick.

Yeadon Sailing Club 2008

FB$58 – Yeadon Sailing Club, 2008.

Sailing Club – 2008

Two dinghies on the Tarn (Dam) sailing in adverse weather.

Image donated by Howard Chadwick.

Yeadon Sailing Club 2013

F172 – Yeadon Sailing Club, 2013.

Sailing Club – 2013

Boats which belong to members of the club which is based at Yeadon Dam.

Photographer John Arundel.

Previous Comments:

Re FB156
I Remember these events clearly. Hydroplane Races were exciting, Firework displays on the water, The Crazy Gang Stunt team, Fred and Bert Gaunt on a stage playing piano and singing duets. People are not allowed to have fun anymore, why have Councils got so miserable in their outlook?
A.U.D.C. did its best for the Rate Payers and tried to entertain them in partnership with Yeadon Charities.
Yeadon Dam is a brilliant resource for the community and more use should be made of it by Leeds C.C.
in the 65 Years I have been alive, to the best of my knowledge no one has ever come to any harm in Yeadon Dam, and no one ever got Polio.
29 May 2013.

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