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Women’s Associations

Women's Temperance Association 1911
Title Women’s Temperance Association
Date 1911
Location Yeadon
Photo ID B344
Comment This gathering of the Yeadon Branch of the British Women’s Temperance Association took place at the home of Mrs Sim Taylor. They are pictured here outside the house on Rufford Park. A few of the women are named: the lady on the right side of the back row was Mrs Robert Howard, sister-in-law of Sydney Howard. In the middle row, 3rd from the right is Mrs Howard, Sydney’s mother. In the front row Mrs Sim Taylor is 3rd from the left, Sydney’s sister Mrs Ben Dawson is on the right edge. Mrs Dawson was the mother of Win Cooper, Sydney’s niece who lived on Hudson Terrace, Yeadon.
Yeadon Townswomen's Guild Undated

W493 – YTWG, Undated.

Towns Women’s Guild – Undated

Two images of Members of the guild at a Christmas event perhaps.

Donated by Alan Atkinson.

Yeadon Townswomen's Guild Undated

W494 – YTWG, Undated.

Towns Women’s Guild – Undated

As above.

Yeadon Holiday Fellowship Camp 1948

FB240 – Yeadon Holiday Fellowship Camp, 1948.

Yeadon Holiday Fellowship Camp – 1948

The camp was at Staithes during Whitsuntide Week (Spring Bank Holiday), this group of girls called themselves “The Top Hut Gang”.
The girls on the back row include : Shirley ? Iris Cathorne, Margery Boothroyd, Edith Jackson, Milly Vine, Doreen Todd, Barbara Tordoff.
On the middle row were : Moira Bradford, Maureen Wood, Joyce Dickinson, Jane yeoman, Jean Tong, Muriel Downs.
The headmistress was Miss Parkinson.

Yeadon Townswomen's Guild 1950

FBA246 – YTWG, 1950.

Towns Women’s Guild – 1950

A group of Guild members performing Scandinavian dances, the location was East Riddlesden Hall near Keighley.

Sequence Dance Club Undated

V71 – Sequence Dance Club, Undated.

Sequence Dance Club – Undated

The dance club was formed by members of Park View Chapel congregation, seen here enjoying a meal.
A few names have been noted : Elsie and Doris Clayton, Mrs Anderson and Mr and Mrs Loney.

National Savings Group Undated

C041 – National Savings Group, Undated.

National Savings Group – Undated

In 1946 a campaign of “Save and Prosper” was underway, it aimed to reduce borrowing and provide funds for the war effort (1914-1918).
The National Savings Groups grew from volunteers who formed local savings committees with help from civil servants and national officials.
Savings stamps, certificates and bonds could be bought from banks, post offices and building societies, all funds were sent to the Government.

Again in World War 2, money was raised by selling National Savings products. Local volunteers were rewarded with certificates and long service awards where applicable.
In 1978 the scheme was reformed, the Post Office Savings Bank became National Savings.

This image shows a group of volunteers, some names have been noted but they are not in any order:
Emily ? Mrs Priestley, Mrs Clara Hey, Mrs Maureen Prince, Pat Morris, Mrs Pettitt, Mrs Witham, Mrs Flaxington, Mrs Kirk.

National Savings Group Undated

C044 – National Savings Group, Undated.

National Savings Group – Undated

These ladies belonged to the Aireborough National Savings Group, there are 6 women in view but only 5 names are noted: Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Schofield, Mrs Dennison, Mrs Hogg.
On the right is Mrs Jenkinson MBE of Rawdon, the group possibly met in Yeadon or Guiseley Town Hall.

National Savings Group Undated

C045 – National Savings Group, Undated.

National Savings Group – Undated

Members of Aireborough National Savings Group with a group of visitors from Knaresborough.
A few local ladies are mentioned by name but their position in the group is not noted: Mrs Midgeley of Yeadon, Mrs Gilks of Rawdon, Mrs Maud Nickles (nee Gill) of Rawdon, Brenda Walker of Yeadon.

National Savings Group Undated

C046 – National Savings Group, Undated.

National Savings Group – Undated

Four ladies who belonged to the Aireborough National Savings Group.
On the left is Mrs Smith of Yeadon, moving right Mrs Dumbrell of Rawdon, Mrs Thomas of Rawdon, Mrs Walker of Yeadon.

National Savings Group 1956

C042 – National Savings Group, 1956.

National Savings Group – 1956

A celebration for the 40th anniversary of the National Savings Group, an iced cake is waiting to be cut.
A number of names are given but are not in order: W Hogg: Mrs Gill: W Jagger: Schofield: Pam Pratt (Nee Dennison): W Cunliffe: Mrs Smith: Mrs Walker: Mrs Clough: Mrs Wilson: Mrs Kershaw: Mrs Brooksbank: Mrs Witham: Mrs Jilks: Mrs Jagger: Mrs Jenkinson MBE: Mrs Gardner: Mrs Cooper.

National Savings Group 1956

C043 – National Savings Group, 1956.

National Savings Group – 1956

Some of the local people who were celebrating the 40th anniversary of National Savings Group, cutting the cake is Mrs Jenkinson MBE of Rawdon.
More names are noted but are not in order: Mrs Schofield of Yeadon: Mrs Smith of Yeadon: Mrs Walker of Yeadon: Mrs Clough of Rawdon: Mrs Pratt of Rawdon: Pam Dennison of Yeadon: W Cunliffe of Rawdon: Mrs Witham of Yeadon: Mrs Gilks of Yeadon: Mrs Jagger of Rawdon: Mrs Wilson of Rawdon: Mrs Gardner of Rawdon.

Women's Institute 1960

C075 – Women’s Institute, 1960.

Women’s Institute – 1960

Ladies of Yeadon WI and guests enjoying a meal.

On the reverse of this image are some names.

Far left, moving left to right, Ernest Nichols ,Mrs Nichols, Mrs W Hudson, Mrs Bett, Mrs M Blackburn, Mrs N Stephenson, Mrs Wagstaff, Mrs Cockell.

Facing them across the table are left to right, Mrs Pat Lupton ? Rev. J Anderson (Methodist), Mrs Beal Rev. Fred Andrews (Methodist).

The table on the right has left to right, Mrs Turner ? Mrs Walters, Rev. Walters (St Johns Church).

There is also a short list which seems to indicate that WI members paid 2/6d for their meal, visitors 3/6d

Young Wives 1968

G412 – Young Wives, 1968.

Young Wives – 1968

Yeadon Methodist Church Young Wives celebration. Back row L to R: Cathy Hudson, Olive Wilks, (?) (?) Front row L to R: Jean Crompton, Muriel Walker, (?) Mrs Bellhouse. (Ministers Wife)

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 26 October 2021.
Last updated: 20 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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