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Carnivals – 1900 – 1976 (3)

Carnivals 1924
Title Carnivals
Date 1924
Location Yeadon
Photo ID SL085
Comment Two boys are guiding a comedy cow which was taking part in the carnival. The location is Marshall Street, on the left the back of the Lecture Hall is seen with a glimpse of Queen Street Chapel in the centre background. Images originally on glass slides taken by E E Slater, digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.
Carnivals 1924

R111 – Carnivals, 1924.

Carnivals – 1924

Fred Myers was a local greengrocer, this is his lorry decorated as a Carnival float, parked at the White Swan Cricket ground.

Carnivals 1924

S236 – Carnivals, 1924.

Carnivals – 1924

Two men stand by a lorry which belonged to green grocer Fred Myers, the lorry had been decorated for Yeadon Carnival, the location was the White Swan cricket ground.

Carnivals 1925

T54 – Carnivals, 1925.

Carnivals – 1925

St. Andrews Church Sunday School float with the theme of “Nursery Rhymes”, Little Bo Peep is there with a live sheep!
Left on the back row is Winnie Dixon, Stanley Croft is in the middle and Hilda Dawson on the right.
In front left to right are Madge Walker, Eddie Buckle,  Barbara Best and ? 

Carnivals 1925

E276 – Carnivals, 1925.

Carnivals – 1925

Carnival float for the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Co. it displays a variety of gas appliances.
The location was the White Swan Cricket Ground.

B035 – Carnivals, 1928.

Carnivals – 1928

Crowds have gathered on the High Street at Carnival time. The girls lined up for the camera were all staff at Yeadon Picture House which had opened in 1925. The majority of people are making their way up to the High Street, a single deck bus is coming down the road.

Carnivals 1928

K20 – Carnivals, 1928.

Carnivals – 1928

The Carnival procession is marching along the upper part of the High Street, the local ambulance is in the parade.

Carnivals 1928

K21 – Carnivals, 1928.

Carnivals – 1928

The location is Church Street. A cart pulled by a horse. This cart had been decorated to represent Spring and Autumn and money was raised for the local hospital funds in pre NHS days.

The two girls in dark dresses standing at the back were Ida Hudson and Irene Bevan, the woman is Miss Silvester.

Carnivals 1930s

S160 – Carnivals, c1930s.

Carnivals – c1930s

A horse is being groomed and prepared to take part in Yeadon Carnival.

Carnivals 1930s

DD031 – Carnivals, c1930s.

Carnivals – c1930s

A group of people in fancy dress for the carnival.

Carnivals 1933

F046 – Carnivals, 1933.

Carnivals – 1933

Mrs Marian Lee (nee Oddy) is about to become “The Lady of the Lake” as she steps into a decorated boat.

It was part of Yeadon Carnival festivities, crowds can be seen lining the banks of the Dam (Tarn) to watch.

Also in the boat were Clifford Chadwick and Eric Blackwell.

Carnivals 1935

FBA018 – Carnivals, 1935.

Carnivals – 1935

The text reads:
“A Hold-Up by a modern Dick Turpin at the Yeadon Hospital Gala (Carnival) on Saturday. The victims of the “outrage” were members of the local District Council” To the left is a mounted “highwayman” brandishing a pistol at the coach passengers.

Carnivals 1950s

FB194 – Carnivals, 1950s.

Carnivals – 1950s

Yeadon Carnival procession passing along Harper Lane.

Donated by Rachel Glynn.

Carnivals 1950

PU026 – Carnivals, 1950.

Carnivals – 1950

Carnival parade at Yeadon Cricket Club accompanied by Yeadon Old Prize Brass Band.
On the right, 2nd up from the bottom is Peter McCone playing a tuba, he was the father of Sharon Broadhead nee McCone who donated the photo.

Carnivals 1968

H036 – Carnivals, 1968.

Carnivals – 1968

Park View Chapel Carnival Day, the girl in the centre of the group wearing a riding hat is June Taylor.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Carnivals 1976

FBA114 – Carnivals, 1976.

Aireborough Carnival Queen – 1976

Fiona Quinton was crowned Carnival Queen by actor Bryan Mosley.
For many years Mr Mosley played the part of Alf Roberts in the television programme Coronation Street.
The character “died” on screen on the 1st January 1999 and Bryan Mosley sadly died himself just 6 weeks later.

Donated by Fiona Quinton.

Previous Comments:

Re K20
The shop on the left at the corner of King street was Session’s bike repair shop
25 June 2013.

Re FB194
I think I can see my future wife standing in the group in their garden looking over the wall.
14 June 2013.

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