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Fundraising 1959
Title Lifeboat Appeal
Date 1959
Location Yeadon
Photo ID W373
Comment Two photos taken in the garden of a house on Benton Avenue, it was a fundraising event for the RNLI.
Fundraising 1959

W374 – Lifeboat Appeal, 1959.

Lifeboat Appeal – 1959

As above.

Fundraising 1966

G178 – Derby and Joan Sale, 1966.

Derby and Joan Sale – 1966

Darby and Joan, Bring and Buy Sale held in Yeadon Town Hall. Standing at the back of the group are, from left to right :
Mrs Whittaker, Secretary. Mrs Emsley, Chairman. Mrs Cochell, Treasurer. Mrs Gill, Assistant Secretary. Seated left to right :  
Mrs Colehan Senior. Mrs Stephenson, Press Secretary. Mr Barney Colehan, Mrs B Colehan, Opener. Mrs Southards, AUDC Chairman’s Lady and Opener.

Photographer Bryan Waite.

Fundraising 1978

D969 – Charity Bat Push, 1978.

Charity Bath Push – 1978

A Charity Bath Push raising money for cancer charities.

Seen here at the bottom of Yeadon Town Hall steps.

One of the girls sat in the bath is Julie Firth, Michael Barker (3rd along from the left) , Gary Phillis, Kathryn Rigg are also in the photo. The charity bed push began at Yeadon Town Hall and finished in Scarborough on the East Coast.

Fundraising Undated

G131 – Hospital Fund Tableau, Undated.

Hospital Fund Tableau – Undated

Mrs M Brayshaw of Kirk Lane created this tableau of a nurse to raise money for Yeadon Hospital Fund during Carnival week.
She collected £20.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 14 October 2021.
Last updated: 29 January 2023 – All images updated.

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