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Trades Hall

Trades Hall Children's Party c1920
Title Trades Hall Children’s Party
Date c1920s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID E061
Comment The Trades Hall (Factory Workers and Dyers Club) was in the former Croft House on Harper Lane, now demolished and a petrol station on the site (September 2012). The children in this photo were supposedly having a party- a few of them can’t have enjoyed it as they look very glum! Some of the children have been named but not in a way it is possible to mark them out: D Marsden, William Osborne, F Richardson, Fred Turton, George Harrison, Hollie Richardson, T Mawson, Alice Fletcher, Edna Waterworth, Ivy Yates, Alice Sample, Long.
Trades Hall demolition 1999

C170 – Trades Hall, 1999.

Trades Hall Demolition – 1999

Situated on Harper Lane, the older part of the building was originally Croft House, once home to Simeon Bolton, mill owner.
It was incorporated into the Trades Hall which was founded as a club for the dyers and allied trades. William Morrison’s bought the site and erected a petrol station on it.

Trades Hall Demolition 1999

C170 – Trades Hall, 1999.

Trades Hall Demolition – 1999

As above, showing the rear of the building.

Previous Comments:

Re E061
I knew William Osborne and his brother Curtis, Fred Turton, George Harrison, Frank and Hollie Richardson, but they were much older when I knew them so I can’t recognise there young faces and I am afraid most of them if not all are now dead as I would say this photo was taken around 1920.
27 June 2013.

Re C446
When I was an apprentice plumber and Central Heating Engineer, with H & S Stott, Yeadon, together with an old hand by the name of Bernard (his surname I now forget), we erected the flue stack shown in this image in 1967. By the look of it I can only assume that it is the same one. Wonderful memories of Bernard.
14 October 21.

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Last updated: 26 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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