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Trams, Buses & Coaches

Robert's Horse Bus c1897
Title Robert’s Horse Bus
Date c1897
Location Yeadon
Photo ID A210
Comment An early horse bus on Yeadon Town Hall Square, run by Roberts. This bus service began on 24th April 1897, running from Yeadon to Guiseley Station. Other services were also available, Midgeleys had a livery stable at 33 High Street with a 3 horse bus running between Yeadon and Apperley Bridge Station. Another company Waite’s operated from the Robin Hood Inn to Guiseley Station. As Yeadon didn’t have a passenger railway line these services provided an essential link to the trains. The shop in the background was Rawnsley’s at this time, the building would be demolished and a Co-op store built on the site, this former shop now houses Yeadon library.
John Wheatley's Bus 1905

A211 – John Wheatley’s Bus, 1905.

John Wheatley’s Bus – 1905

This bus was brought to Yeadon by an entrepreneur who wanted to operate a 7 day service between Yeadon and the Horsforth tram terminus.

The bus was a second – hand Dietrich bought in London for £120 and delivered to Guiseley by train.

It seated 16 passengers in total with 2 sitting next to the driver.

The first trial runs were done during Yeadon Feast Week when people paid 3d for a trip up Victoria Avenue, then back via Warren House Lane and Cemetery Road.

It proved impossible for Wheatley to stick to a timetable 7 days a week and after a year the service ceased. Here we see the bus outside Yeadon Town Hall, full of passengers with a young lad perched on one of the solid tyres and a full complement of spectators.

First Tram to Yeadon 1909

A213 – First Tram to Yeadon, 1909.

First Tram to Yeadon – 1909

This is the junction of Green Lane and New Road Side (A65).

Benton Congregational Church and Manse are on the right.

All three of the decorated trams which ran to Yeadon on that day are in view here, amidst a throng of on lookers.
The trams ran until October 1934 when buses were put onto the route.

The tram lines are still under the tarmac on New Road Side, they can be seen when major road works are carried out.

First Tram to Yeadon 1909

A212 – First Tram to Yeadon, 1909.

First Tram to Yeadon – 1909

This was the beginning of the tram service between Yeadon/Rawdon and Leeds, on the 30th June 1909, the service was extended to Guiseley. To mark the inauguration of the tram service three special cars were run out from Leeds. The cost to each township for the service was a payment of £400 to Leeds. Unfortunately this is not a very clear image.

Laycock & Stephenson Bus Trial 1925

B259 – Laycock & Stephenson Bus Trial, 1925.

Laycock and Stephenson Bus Trial – 1925

Laycock and Stephenson of Cowling, were the first people to bring a motor bus to Yorkshire.

In 1905, they purchased a Milnes Daimler bus in London and drove it back to Cowling, from this they expanded their transport fleet.

This image is of a bus trial in Yeadon, registration number AK 343.

On the front row of the upper deck are left to right George Herbert Teale, ?, Thompson Marshall, Tom Viccars.

The location is Harrogate Road just past the junction with the High Street.

West Yorkshire Road Car Co. c1930s

E993 – West Yorkshire Road Car Co., c1930s.

West Yorkshire Road Car Co. – c1930s

Parked in front of the Town Hall are several busses, the vehicle in the foreground was owned by the West Yorkshire Road Car Co. and ran between Yeadon and Horsforth via Rawdon.

Two of the people in front of the bus are named as Ada Croft and Harry Holmes.

Donated by Noreen Myers nee Jordan.

Moorfield Bus Company c1930

M686 – Moorfield Bus Company, c1930.

Moorfield Bus Company – c1930

The bus is a ‘Star Flyer’ with seats for 20 passengers, Registration No: WX2805.  The destination is Otley and the driver, Norman Wilkinson.

Photograph courtesy of Stuart, Otley Museum.

Granges Coaches 1950s

H302 – Granges Coaches, 1950s.

Granges Coaches – 1950s

Image donated by Chris Youhill with the information ” Grange’s Guiseley and Yeadon Tours famous Albion with very rare Tower Coachworks of Armley bodywork, advertising for excursion bookings. This was common practice everywhere in those days , but nowadays day excursions are practically extinct.”

West Yorkshire Bus Crash 1974

J095 – West Yorkshire Bus, Crash, 1974.

West Yorkshire Bus, Crash. – 1974

This West Yorkshire bus (route 35) skidded on ice and crashed into the wall of the Tarn Hotel at the junction of Harper Lane / Henshaw Lane.

Editor’s Note: To see images of the Yeadon Transport Company, please – Click Here.

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Re H302
This is my Grandfathers company. My Father Peter and his two brothers Basil and Joseph were also involved. They also owned a petrol station, which is now the fire place shop.
07 October 2016.

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