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VE & VJ Celebrations – 1945

Enfield Avenue Party 1945
Title Enfield Avenue
Date 1945
Location Yeadon
Photo ID L186
Comment A street party to celebrate the end of WW2. Donated by Christine Wilson.
Football VE Party 1945

N40 – Football, 1945.

Football VE Party- 1945

The location is the old Theatre Royal (Peeps), after loosing the licence for use as a theatre the building had various uses including an indoor market.
One of the old market stalls is being used here as a table.

The party was for residents of Football.

On the left the elderly couple at the front were Mr and Mrs Caleb Long, the child in the bonnet at the end of the left bench was Wendy Rhodes.
Her father Sydney served on Aireborough Council for many years, being Chairman at one time.

On the right edge, holding a baby is Joyce Machell, her mother Mrs Machell is standing beneath the light on the right, her face is partly obscured by a young boy, Mr Machell is on her right.
This couple did a lot of charity work in the Yeadon area.

East View VE Party 1945

FBA020 – East View, 1945.

East View VE Party – 1945

A street party held at the bottom of East View (perhaps a VE or VJ party ?), it was organised by Edith Thornton who is the lady at the back in the dark top and wearing glasses. The party was for the residents of East View, Grange Avenue and relatives.

Donated by David Jennings.

VE Celebration Barfield Drive 1995

H363 – Barfield Drive, 1995.

Barfield Drive – 1995

Residents gathered for a VE Day party, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of the 2nd WW in Europe.

Donated by Carolyn Pratt who says, “My house is on the left, John and Irene Ellis’s house is to the right as you look at the photo.
Everyone dressed up and we had a lovely day, some of the people I can remember on the photo are:
John and Irene Ellis, Carolyn Pratt (nee Bentley), John Bentley, Robin and Alex Bentley, Caroline Ellis, Cath and Peter Wolfenden, Lauren and Aidan Webster”.

Previous Comments:

Re FBA020
On the back row 8th from left is Mrs Routh the plasterers wife who lived at the top of Football.
26 July 2013.

Re N40
Smiling at the camera with his elbow on the table is our President (July 2013) Gerald Long.
26 July 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 14 September 2021.
Last updated: 30 January 2023 – All images reviewed. 30 September 2021 – Photo ID: N40 & FBA020.

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