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WW1 1914 – 1918 (2)

WW1 Medals C B Windus 1914 -1918

Title WW1 Medals
Date 1914 – 1918
Location Yeadon
Photo ID HL067
Comment Two medals which were awarded to Clifford Barker Windus for service during the 1914-18 War. On the left is the British war Medal, on the right is the Victory Medal. These two medals, along with the 1914/15 Star, were usually worn together and were colloquially known as “Pip, Squeak and Wilfred” after characters in a popular Daily Mirror newspaper comic strip. The British War Medal has a depiction of a naked St. George mounted on a horse which is trampling over a Prussian shield, skull and crossbones. The Victory Medal is made of copper lacquered in bronze and measures 33mm in diameter. It shows a winged Victory figure.
WW1 Medals C B Windus 1914 - 1918

HL068 – WW1 1914 – 1918.

WW1 Medals – 1914-1918

The British War Medal on the left has the head of King George V and the inscription “Georgius V Britt omn Rex et Ind Imp” which translates as: “George 5th, King of all the Britons and emperor of India”.
On the right is the Victory Medal inscribed “The Great War For Civilisation 1914-1919” and has a laurel leaf border.

WWI Peace Celebrations Yeadon High Street 1918

B995 – WW1 1914-1918.

Peace Celebrations – 1918

Peace celebrations in Town Hall Square, a band playing and flags flying to mark the end of WW1.

Returned Warriors 1919

SL058 – WW1 1914-1918.

Returned Warriors – 1919

“Returned Warriors” was the caption on this image, presumably men who had served in the Armed Forces during the 1914/18 War.
The cups they are holding appear to have the same pattern/monogram on them, perhaps chapel crockery.
It was usual for the chapels to have crockery with their names on the items, this may have been a tea party given in honour of the men.

Original image on a glass slide taken by E E Slater, digitally transferred by John Hobson.

Wounded Servicemen 1914/18

B448 – WW1 1914-1918.

Wounded Servicemen – 1914-1918

This photograph was taken outside a convalescent hospital in Llandudno, North Wales. The man marked ‘x’ was Laurence Luty.

Wounded Servicemen 1914/18

B449 – WW1 1914-1918.

Wounded Servicemen – 1914-1918

The location was a hospital in Llandudno, North Wales, the men included a J Scott who was connected to the Luty family.

British War Medal 1920

C491 – WW1 1914-1918.

British War Medal – 1920

A letter which was sent to Mr Charles Ethelred Hardwick of 4 Moorfield Terrace, Yeadon, it accompanied a British War Medal posthumously awarded to his son Owen Allen Hardwick.

Donated by Paul Airton.

British War Medal 1920

C492 – WW1 1914-1918.

British War Medal – 1920

Medals and packaging which were delivered to Charles Ethelred Hardwick, on the reverse of the envelope is stamped “Infantry Records Office York”. The medals were posthumously awarded to Owen Allen Hardwick. Louisa Hardwick was the grandmother of donor Paul Airton.

WW1 Painting 2014

B491 – WW1 1914-1918.

WW1 Painting – 2014

Andy Scott, donor of the image, lives in Yeadon and is an amateur artist.
This painting is one of a pair depicting soldiers during the First World War marching in Yeadon.

Previous Comments:

Re B995
The top one of the two doors behind the lamp post was the post office where I got my form to join the navy in 1941.
25 June 2013.

Re B995
Robert Davey
Robert Howard was my Great-Great-Grandfather, on my mother’s side.
29 August 2017.

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