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Gillingham Family – 1940s Onward

Andrew Gillingham 1940s

Title Andrew Gillingham
Date 1940s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID PU063
Comment An Army photo with Andrew Gillingham on the right.
Andrew Gillingham 1950s

PU064 – Andrew Gillingham, 1950s.

Andrew Gillingham – 1950s

Andrew Gillingham at the wheel of a Morgan car, photo taken in the Westfield area.

Anne Gillingham c1950

PU058 – Anne Gillingham Family, c1950.

Anne Gillingham – c1950

Westfield Avenue, Yeadon, the baby in the pram is Anne Gillingham (married name Turner ) who donated this photo, the girl on the left is Charmaine Douglas, Judith Wallbank is on the right.

Anne Gillingham c1953

PU068 – Anne Gillingham, c1953.

Anne Gillingham (now Turner) – c1953

Anne Gillingham (now Turner) is on a toy rocking horse with Lee Hobson.
Behind them is a Co=op milk float making deliveries of milk in the Westfield Area.

Donated by Ian Gillingham.

Ian Gillingham c1954

PU060 – Ian Gillingham, c1954.

Ian Gillingham – c1954

Westfield Avenue, Yeadon, sitting in his pushchair is bonny baby Ian Gillingham.

Gillingham Family c1958

PU057 – Gillingham Family, 1950s.

Gillingham Family – c1958

100 Park Road, Guiseley, on the left is Roy Gillingham, next his grandmother Ethel Gillingham in the doorway of her home, on the right Harry Wallbank. The small boy in front is Ian Gillingham.

Roy Gillingham c1960

PU059 – Roy Gillingham, c1960.

Roy Gillingham – c1960

Westfield Avenue, Yeadon, resting against the railings on Westfield Avenue is Roy Gillingham.

Anne Gillingham c1962

PU037 – Anne Gillingham Family, 1962.

Anne Gillingham – c1962

Anne is the girl in the centre of this photo which was donated by Ian Gillingham.
The location is Westfield Avenue, which was built in two phases, the first houses to number 59 were erected in 1928 then the next homes came in 1933.
The Ministry of Aircraft Production bungalows (MAP houses) known locally as “flat tops” were built between the two original lots of houses to accommodate workers brought in to boost aircraft production at the AVRO factory in WW2.
The road between the different building areas was called “the bars” after the metal bars which had been positioned at the ends of gardens.

Lily Olive Gillingham 1970s

PU061 – Lily Olive Gillingham, 1970s.

Lily Olive Gillingham – 1970s

Westfield Avenue, Yeadon, this child is Lily Olive Gillingham, photo donated by Anne Turner.

Andrew Gillingham 1970s

PU065 – Andrew Gillingham, 1970s.

Andrew Gillingham – 1970s

Andrew Gillingham is on the right, this is the interior of the Crompton Parkinson works.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 24 June 2022.
Last updated: 26 June 2022.

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