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Hardwick, Norman & Family – 1916 Onward

Hardwick Family 1916

Title Norman Hardwick & Family
Date 1916
Location Yeadon
Photo ID H990
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The Hardwick family, Norman Hardwick, father of Norman Peter is bottom right. Names as seen on the image.

A little information from the donor of the images Normam Peter Hardwick –

“I was born at 14 Butts Terrace in Guiseley in 1941, my family moved to Yeadon about 1949 and we lived at 6 Haw Lane before emigrating to New Zealand in 1955.

My father Norman Hardwick died in 1987 and my mother Rosalind (Nora) Hardwick died in 2007. I am sure I still have relatives in the Yeadon & Guiseley areas who may be interested in the photos.”

Norman describes a trip to Blackpool “I think it was organised by a Workingman’s Club, there were quite a few charas or busses. These trips were fairly arduous with an early start then at least one comfort stop on the way. As we got closer all of us children were glued to the windows hoping to be the first to see Blackpool Tower in the distance. It wasn’t exactly San Tropez but for us kids it was a big change from Yeadon Dam.

The ladies took turns to walk down the “Front” while the men stood from time to time and decided they would stretch their legs and disappeared across the road for a while to one of the shops ? which catered for thirsty trippers. It was dusk about 6pm and time for the main event – the Blackpool Illuminations ! We made our way to our transport and on the way out of Blackpool we took in the amazing variety of illuminated displays.

The journey home was subdued and we seemed to make a few extra comfort stops on the way home. Most people seemed to be asleep half way home, when we reached Yeadon weary children trudged home still clutching their precious rolls of Blackpool rock”.

Hardwick Family 1970s/80s

H991 – Hardwick Family, 1970s/80s.

Hardwick Family – 1970s/80s

Hardwick family group, taken when Norman brought his family home from New Zealand for a holiday.

Hardwick Family 1950s

H992 – Hardwick Family, c1950s.

Hardwick Family – c1950s

Rosalind (Nora ) Hardwick  with son Norman Peter the donor of the images) seen on a trip to Blackpool, the famous Tower is in the background.

Hardwick Family 1950s

H993 – Hardwick Family, c1950s.

Hardwick Family – c1950s

The family children on Blackpool beach.

Hardwick Family 1950s

H994 – Hardwick Family, c1950s.

Hardwick Family – c1950s

As above.

Hardwick Family Undated

H995 – Hardwick Family, Undated.

Hardwick Family – Undated

Tengy Hardwick is the man on the right, Norman Peter Hardwick thinks this man was a relative possibly Grandfather although in image H990 John William Hardwick appears to be his Grandfather. Tengy was a well known character in the area who enjoyed a game of darts “to create a thirst “. He was supposedly killed during WW2 when he was hit by a bus in the blackout after leaving a pub.

However, Martin Rigg in his book Round & About Aireborough Vol.111 P 47 gives a different account of Tengy’s demise.
Tengy was seriously ill and visited by Gideon Rawnsley who had a drapers business on the Green in Guiseley. He had kept a cask of beer on the shop counter for the benefit of his apprentices, ale being cheap at that time, but he became a Temperance man. The barrel had to go so he drained it and disposed of the beer. When he told Tengy what he had done he became agitated and with almost his last breath reprimanded Gideon ” Nay Gideon, Tha owt to av’ sent fo’ me …….. I’d av supped it “

Hardwick Family 1950s

H996 – Hardwick Family, Undated.

Hardwick Family – Undated

Tengy Hardwick is on the right of the front row.

Hardwick Family 1950s

H997 – Hardwick Family, 1950s.

Hardwick Family – 1950s

Uncle Sid Hardwick and aunt Betty on the beach at Blackpool.

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Last Updated: 17 March 2024.

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