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Abbey Garth

Abbey Garth 2014
Title Abbey Garth
Date 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID K071
Comment Looking up from Well Lane to Abbey Garth apartments. Photographer John Arundel.
Abbey Garth 2014

K250 – Abbey Garth, 2014.

Abbey Garth – 2014

Looking from Miry Lane up to Wells Court and Abbey Garth, blocks of flats built to replace the old streets and yards which straddled the site.

Abbey Garth 2014

L320 – Abbey Garth, 2014.

Abbey Garth – 2014

Block of flats built on a site where many of the old lanes and alleys of Yeadon had stood. 

At one time this area had belonged to the Priory of St. Leonard, Esholt and had been called Abbey Garth so the modern name has returned this piece of Yeadon to it’s roots.

Abbey Garth Undated

Z396 – Abbey Garth, Undated.

Abbey Garth – Undated

The flats with garages underneath.

Previous Comments:

arthur hopkinson
My father George Hopkinson lived at 21 Abbey Garth, Yeadon, then went to a care home in Ilkley prior to his death in 1983. I am his eldest son, born at 33 Gill Lane, Yeadon, in 1927, now living in Edinburgh.
02 January 2018.

Andrea Aylott
I lived at No: 6 Saxton house till 1982. We had o fantastic view from the kitchen window.
29 January 2021.

H Preston
We lived at 4 South Parade, one of the old streets knocked down to build the flats. We had no electricity, only gas lights and a toilet at the end of the garden. The back overlooked the Engine Fields and I have happy memories of playing there and sailing boats in the Old Dog Mill dam. My mother didn’t work and could make a meal from nothing! We didn’t have a lot of money but we never went hungry and life seemed one long summer.
30 April 2021.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 28 July 2021.
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