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Chapel Lane

Chapel Lane c1900
Title Chapel Lane
Date c1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID B037
Comment View of properties on Chapel Lane at the junction with Haworth Lane. On the left is a fish and chip shop, Rueben Yeadon has a clothes shop on the right edge. Photograph taken by E E Slater.
Chapel Lane c1900

Z429 – Chapel Lane, c1900.

Chapel Lane – c1900

The same photograph as above, but showing the damage to the image on the left side. It also shows a little bit more of the area to the left and to the shop on the right.

Chapel Lane c1900

K580 – Chapel Lane, c1900.

Chapel Lane – c1900

This image of Chapel Lane is from an original glass slide. On the left a shop is advertising a dry cleaning service, a process using non water based solvents which dates back to the 1850s. The name above the shop is partially obscured but ends in …… shaw. In the centre is the Church Institute which is now apartments.

Chapel Lane c1940s

FB049 – Chapel Lane, c1940s.

Chapel Lane – c1940s

The large stone building in the centre was the Church Institute, it is now converted into apartments.

Donated by Dennis Court.

Chapel Lane 1966

I160 – Chapel Lane, 1966.

Chapel Lane – 1966

Old properties on Chapel Lane.

Photographer James Farrar, donated by his son David.

Chapel Lane 1970s/80s

L472 – Chapel Lane, 1970s/80s.

Chapel Lane – 1970s/80s

The large building is the old St. Andrew’s Church Institute, it was built on the site of the 1st Wesleyan Chapel in Yeadon. It is now converted into apartments. (August 2015)

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 29 July 2021.
Last updated: 02 December 2022 – All images updated.

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