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Engine Fields

Engine Fields 1983
Title Engine Fields
Date 1983
Location Yeadon
Photo ID W269
Comment Looking from Henshaw Lane across the Engine Fields towards Eddie Dennison’s Westfield Mill. Photographer Dennis Court.

The area known as Engine Fields, there are several theories about the name, some think it was so called because the railway line passed across the bottom. Others maintain the name was established before the railway came and it derives from the time a steam engine was installed in the Old Dog Mill.

The Engine Fields nature reserve was begun in the 1980s when local man Albert Shutt, with the help of volunteers began to clear up the area around the disused Old Dog Mill ponds.

After fishing out innumerable shopping trolleys and all manner of dumped junk the ponds were cleared. Trees, shrubs and flowers were planted around the area and wildlife began to inhabit the space. In 1994 the Friends of Engine Fields was formed to continue the work begun by Mr Shutt and his volunteers. It is now recognised as a tranquil oasis for birds, pond life and small wild creatures.

Engine Fields 1989

FF212 – Engine Fields, 1989.

Engine Fields – 1989

The Old Dog Mill is just visible here on the left, blocks of flats in the centre face onto Well Hill, then Yeadon Town Hall then a property which is situated off Henshaw Lane with Hauxwell Drive on the right. New housing has been built on some of Engine Fields so this exact view no longer exists .

Engine Fields Undated

Z472 – Engine Fields, Undated.

Engine Fields – Undated

The Engine Fields nature reserve which is centred around the ponds which were once the mill ponds of the Old Dog Mill.

Engine Fields 1991

Z392 – Engine Fields, 1991.

Engine Fields – 1991

Looking from the Engine Fields to houses which front onto Henshaw Lane, in the distance are the chimneys of Green Lane Mill with Benton Park School towards the right.

Engine Fields Undated

I167 – Engine Fields, Undated.

Engine Fields – Undated

Memorial to Dick Gibbon. Dick was a well known Yeadon man, serving on Aireborough Urban District Council and acting as Chairman in 1963.

Engine Fields 2016

W163 – Engine Fields, 2016.

Engine Fields – 2016

Marker stone for the Engine Fields and Dog Mill Ponds which are located in the area behind the Old Dog Mill.
Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Previous Comments:

Re Z392
You can just see the path in the distance which brought you out onto Henshaw Lane, by the side of the off licence.
07 April 2019.

Hilary Preston
I was born on South Parade which faced onto the engine fields on the Well Hill side and is now demolished and flats built there. I spent my childhood playing on the fields and in the mill ponds. I remember an occasion when my father saw a “doll “ floating in the pond ( around 1950-1952 ). And pulled it to the side with a stick thinking to bring it home for me. It turned out to be a new born baby, and was quite a scandal at the time, although I was too young ever to know the outcome.
07 April 2019.

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