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JCT 600

JCT600 1975
Title JCT 600
Date 1975
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D408
Comment January 1975: Road works in progress to create a roundabout at the junction of New Road, Apperley Lane and Green Lane. The digger and road roller on the left are on Green Lane, Trinity Church is behind them, New Road runs across the centre of the view with Apperley Lane in the upper middle. On the right is the JCT 600 garage, the new roundabout would become known as the JCT roundabout, the garage/car sales business also now has a site on the opposite side of New Road (May 2014).
JCT600 2014

K430 – JCT 600, 2014.

JCT 600 – 2014

Shows traffic converging onto the roundabout from Green Lane on the left and New Road to the right.

Also on the right is a Spar store, Total petrol station and JCT car sales.

JCT600 2014

K431 – JCT 600, 2014.

JCT 600 – 2014

Shows the roundabout, directly across is Apperley Lane, to the right is New Road with the Spar store, Total petrol station and JCT car sales.

JCT600 2014

D364 – JCT 600, 2014.

JCT 600 – 2014

This site is situated at the junction of New Road and Apperley Lane, a petrol station on the site was demolished, there was also a showroom for JCT 600 cars.
A new showroom for JCT 600 is being constructed.
The company was founded in 1946 by Edward Tordoff, the company name was taken from the personalised number plate of a car which belonged to Jack Tordoff.

Donated by Joanne Coultas.

Previous Comments:

Thomas Howden.
A friend at school told me it is being turned into a Sainsbury’s as her Nan has been made manager.

Rachel O’Connor.
My husband worked there too, Mr Brown and as well as painting cars painted Jack Tordoff’s plane in a hangar at LBA!

Ian Brown.
I used to be a Saab mechanic there, worked there for 19 years, and yes it’s JCT 600 which stands for Jack Crossly Tordoff!

Elizabeth Robinson.
My dad always told me that my Great Grandad and Jack Tordoff’s dad were mates. He would say they went off on trips to collect eggs from Norwood and Fewston. We suspect they were really going to the pub for lunch.

Caroline Mischiev-Kelly.
Planning permission is for a Sainsbury’s local and a petrol station.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 13 August 2021.
Last updated: 24 December 2022 – All images updated.

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