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Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall 1950s
Title Lecture Hall
Date 1950s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID SL023
Comment The Lecture Hall was built as the New Wesleyan Reform Chapel which opened in 1855. The growing congregation needed larger premises so Queen Street Chapel was built and the old chapel was used as a lecture hall and Sunday School until it was demolished in 1973. This photograph was originally taken onto a glass slide by E. E. Slater of Hopeville, Yeadon. It has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.
Lecture Hall 1950s

C121 – Lecture Hall, 1950s.

Lecture Hall – 1950s

It was demolished in 1973 and a row of shops now occupies the site (September 2012). The sign for the Co-op store at the corner with Marshall Street can be seen. The grassed area in the bottom right corner is part of the roundabout on Albert Square.

Lecture Hall 1950s/1999

P311 – Lecture Hall, 1950s/1999.

Lecture Hall – 1950s/1999

On the left is an image of the Lecture Hall which was located on the High Street, it was built in 1855 by the New Wesleyan Methodist Reform Group as a chapel.
When their congregations grew Queen Street Chapel was erected to replace this building which then became a Lecture Hall and Sunday School room.
It was demolished in 1973 and the shop units seen on the right were built on the site.
The Post Office had been moved from large premises at the bottom of the High Street but then relocated to it’s present site opposite adjacent to the entrance to Morrison’s store.

Previous Comments:

Above this was Rudd’s Mill Used by the army during the war as a store for food to feed the troops.
25 June 2013.

Bernard Harris
Former home of the 16th Airefale Scout group.
02 May 2018.

antony brayshaw
Just out of interest is anybody out there have any photo’s of the scout group 16th airedale troop as I was a member in the early 50’s. All the photo’s I had unfortunately these have all been lost over time when I moved house 7 times!! I now live in Chester.
I would appreciate any help in finding some of these photo’s
Kind Regards,
Tony Brayshaw late of #12 Hawthorn Rd, Yeadon.
02 May 2018.

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