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Paddock House

Paddock House 1981
Title Paddock House
Date 1981
Location Yeadon
Photo ID A247
Comment A decorative pump in the garden of Paddock House, Walkers Row, it was placed there by Derek Machell in the 1970s. On the other side of the house was an old well which was covered over by a boundary wall when Newlands Avenue was built, a clause permitted neighbours on Walkers Row and the surrounding area to draw water from the well between sunrise & sunset. Original old properties on Walkers Row were demolished and new properties built, Paddock House remains, it was the first house on Walkers Row to have a bathroom and electric lighting. Information courtesy of John Machell.
Paddock House 2014

J275 – Paddock House, 2014.

Paddock House – 2014

Paddock House is located on Walkers Row off Kirk Lane.

Photographer John Arundel.

Previous Comments:

My mate then in the 1960’s was John Machell and his family lived there, his dad worked for the water board.
04 July 2017.

Yes, remember John Machell well. Used to go fishing with him in the old “Carp Ponds” just across the road.
06 July 2017.

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