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The Green

The Green 1900
Title The Green
Date c1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID SL022
Comment Mr Thomas Blatchley’s chemist shop on the Green at the bottom of the Steep (Town Street). The following three photographs were originally taken onto a glass slides by E. E. Slater of Hopeville, Yeadon. They have been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.
The Green c1900

SL042 – The Green, c1900.

The Green – c1900

The view on the left looks towards the Steep (Town Street), the building on the left is now a newsagents (August 2013), the wall and small shop unit have gone.
The Oddfellows Inn is on the right, it has now been converted into cottages (August 2013).

The Green c1900

SL044 – The Green, c1900.

The Green – c1900

The Green, looking up towards Town Street (the Steep), the shop towards the left with the carriage outside is now a newsagents (September 2013).
In the right foreground digging is taking place, possibly for the building of the Temperance Hall.

The Green c1900

SL010 – The Green, c1900.

The Green – c1900

These shops were located at the bottom of the Steep (Town Street), an area called Yeadon Green. W Smith, a grocer and confectioner has jars of sweets, cakes and tinned goods in his windows. Possibly it is Mr Smith in the shop doorway with the two ladies.
On the left is the smoking chimney of Manor Mills.

Original photograph taken onto a glass slide by E. E. Slater of Hopeville, this slide has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.

The Green 1960s

L251 – The Green, 1960s.

The Green – 1960s

o the left is Sandy Way, in the foreground is the bottom of the Steep (Town Street) leading to the Green. In the centre at the corner with Kirk Lane is Manor Mill.

Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

The Green 1980s

Z290 – The Green, 1980s.

The Green – 1980s

Looking down onto the area of the Green from a path in the grounds of Haworth Court. On the left is Parmar’s newsagents at the bottom of the Steep (Town Street), next the grey coloured building behind the tree is the Robin Hood hotel.
In the centre is the Temperance Hall (Gem Bingo), Kirk Lane Mill is distinguished by it’s clock tower and to the right is Manor Mill.

Photographer Dennis Court.

The Green 2014

F336 – The Green, 2014.

The Green – 2014

This photo was taken by Dennis Court from the upper deck of a number 33A bus. This is the Green looking up towards the Steep (Town Street). On the left is Home Electrics, a tattoo parlour and Meay’s butchers shop, to the right is a newsagents.

The Green 2014

N256 – The Green, 2014.

The Green – 2014

Looking up from the Green to the Steep (Town Street), the shop on the left with the blue blind is Meay’s butchers.

Photographer John Arundel.

Previous Comments:

Re SL022
You will notice on this photograph that there is no shop on the left hand side, what is now Home Electrics, and has been other things including Jesse Stephensons. Mr Blatchley came to Yeadon in 1868 originally from London, to trade as a chemist, and he made it his home till he died in 1897 and he is buried in Yeadon Cemetary, This photograph must be a little earlier than 1900.
14 October 2013.

Re SL044
The bottom picture,the two cottages behind the two men in the middle of the picture, the one on the right was a confectioners and next door lower down was a cafe, Also at the top middle, they are either taking a building down or building it, could this be the Cricketers Arms. If they are building on the r.h.s of the picture the Temperance Hall it must be just before 1905.
07 November 2013.

Re SL042
The small shop in the middle picture was a barbers shop in the 1950s. As a little lad you sat on a piece of wood resting on the chair arms. He only used hand clippers which often stuck and pulled your hair.
16 November 2013.

Re SL010
The Shop with the awning was in the 30’s run by Jack Driver as a green grocers and this is where I used to play as a 4yr old.
30 August 2013.

This is another of my playgrounds in the 1920’s, when my parents were living with my paternal grandparents in Woods Yard just off the photo to the right and later when my parents moved into Haworth lane, just off the photo to the left.
20 April 2015.

Re SL042
Editor Jack Brayshaw
I too remember that gents hairdressers as well. I often wondered what he meant when he asked the adults “Anything for the weekend Sir?” LOL. I also recall reading all the comics whilst waiting for my turn with my mum sat next to me, it seemed to take ages….

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 28 June 2021.
Last updated: 09 January 2023 – All images updated.

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