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Views Undated
Title Yeadon Views
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID H419
Comment To the left is the High Street which continues to the left corner as Bayton Lane. In the foreground is an area which now has Yeadon Stoops Hotel sited on it but in this image was a refuse disposal site. Harrogate Road runs between this and Murgaroyd’s Moorfield Mill which is just left of centre. Donated by David Farrar, from the collection of his father James Farrar.
Views 1971

H466 – Yeadon Views, 1971.

Yeadon Views – 1971

Looking across Yeadon from the Well Lane area, the mills on Kirk Lane can be seen with chimneys intact.

Donated by Neil Ascough.

Yeadon Views 2000

FB279 – Yeadon Views, 2000.

Yeadon Views – 2000

A view of Yeadon seen from the garden of 33 Greenacre Park, looking over part of Green Lane Dyeworks.
On the left is Brooklands Crescent, the long terrace of stone houses is on Harper Lane, South View School is in the centre with Yeadon Town Hall on the horizon.

Photographer Dennis Court.

Yeadon/Rawdon Views 2001

E219 – Yeadon/Rawdon Views, 2001.

Yeadon/Rawdon Views – 2001

View of the 2 towns.

Views 2013

JA018 – Yeadon Views, 2013.

Yeadon Views – 2013

View over the rooftops from Ivegate, the moors which range across to Ilkley are in the distance.

Donated by John Arundel.

Views 2013

JA020 – Yeadon/Rawdon Views, 2013.

Yeadon Views – 2013

Looking from Ivegate over rooftops.

Donated by John Arundel.

Views 2013

JA025 – Yeadon Views, 2013.

Yeadon Views – 2013

Looking across from Ivegate towards Otley Chevin which can be seen in the top left corner.
Hair La Mode on Sandy Way is the business of Sean Birch, he also has a gents barbers to the right of Hair La Mode (not in view), Northern Direct had operated from the ground floor of Hair La Mode but are no longer there (January 2014).
Behind the trees on the right are the backs of properties which face onto the Steep.

Donated by John Arundel.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 03 September 2021.
Last updated: 09 January 2023 – All images reviewed. 20 September 2021 – Photo ID: JA018, JA020, JA025 & H419 06 September 2021- Photo ID: E219.

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