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Willow Cottage

Willow Cottage 1977
Title Willow Cottage
Date 1977
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D311
Comment A sketch of Willow Cottage which is located on Ivegate, by Jack Bagnall of Guiseley.
Willow Cottage c1970s

P114 – Willow Cottage, c1970s.

Willow Cottage – c1970s

Looking across Ivegate to Willow Cottage, dating to before 1980, as Manor Mill which was demolished in 1980 can be seen on the right.

Willow Cottage 1980

JH049 – Willow Cottage, 1980.

Willow Cottage – 1980

Willow Cottage is in the centre of the view, it is now a Bed and Breakfast business.

It was once the home of William Kenion, a Wesleyan Methodist who was greatly in favour of reform in the Methodist Church. He obtained copies of a banned leaflet which demanded reform and read them to his Bible Class who approved of the changes. As a result the Class was banned from the Chapel and instead met in Willow Cottage.

In 1853, the dissention over reform came to a conclusion after violence and disruption in the Chapel and the town resulted in a shooting incident. Kenion proposed building a New Reform Chapel and gave a site on the High Street for £100.

This New Wesleyan Reform Chapel opened in 1855, eventually the congregation was too large for the building so Queen Street Chapel was erected, the old Chapel becoming the Lecture Hall and Sunday School until it was demolished in 1973.

Willow Cottage 1980

JH060 – Willow Cottage, 1980.

Willow Cottage – 1980

Willow Cottage stands at the junction of Ivegate (left) and Well Hill (front), this view is of the back of the property which faces Abbey Lane.

Willow Cottage 2015

U199 – Willow Cottage, 2015.

Willow Cottage – 2015

Seen from Ivegate, the owners run a BB business from the cottage.

Photographer Phil Walker.

Previous Comments:

I went to Sunday school in the basement of the Temperance Hall during the 1930’s and was taken on my first ever day out to Kettlesing by the then teachers whose names I unfortunately do not remember. I was also taken on my first day out to the seaside at Morecambe by the Rechabites, a charitable group. I spent a lot of time at the Temp pictures and every year at the Temp pantomime and was sad to see it close although by this time I was living in Rawdon.
06 April 2018.

My wife’s sister Nancy used too work at Willow Cottage as a masseuse when it belonged to Harold Driver and when she married she went to live there and my grandson Danny was born there. He is now over 60 yrs old and Nancy died last year aged 90.
06 April 2018.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 05 August 2021.
Last updated: 10 January 2023 – All images updated.

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