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Travellers c1900

Title Travellers
Date c1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID N56
Comment Locally referred to as “Spaniards” it is not certain if these travellers were of a specific nationality. The men are sat on the grass verge with 2 bears which would presumably perform, earning a living for their masters.
Mr E Lee, Cutler & Family, Travellers, c1900

X648 – Travellers, c1900.

Mr E Lee (Cutler) and Family – c1900

A superb photograph capturing a family of travellers in working dress and attire of the early 1900s.
Here we see the family of Mr E Lee whose profession was that of Cutler and whose name appears on the large foot operated grinding
apparatus positioned in front of the Romany Vardo, a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romanichal Travellers as their home, together with a supplementary canvas type tent.

This image was taken at the rear of the Crown Inn, Ivegate, Yeadon, and it is possible that Mr Lee would have sharpened the Inn’s knives
and cutlery in exchange for use of this temporary stop whilst passing through Yeadon.

His services would have been sought by other local landlords and tradespeople and would have no doubt called on the services of Wm. Brayshaw & Son’s, Blacksmiths, Wheelwright & Joiners, on Marshall Street, who were well known to travellers and fairground people.

Stainless steel knives were first introduced c1914. The British metallurgist Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel by chance in 1914, which brought affordable cutlery to the masses. The George Ibberson & Co., began producing stainless steel knives in 1914 using stainless manufactured by Thomas Firth & Sons. Prior to stainless steel knives, scissors and cutlery where made of steel and therefore there was always a need for the them to be kept sharp and clean by grinding.

Travellers c1912

SL011 – Travellers, c1912.

A Group of Travellers – c1912

A group of gypsy travellers who had come to Yeadon for the carnival.
The man on the left has perhaps joined them for this photo.

This photograph was originally taken onto a glass slide by E. E. Slater of Hopeville, Yeadon. It has been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 04 November 2021.
Last updated: 14 September 2023 – Photo ID: X648. 26 January 2023 – Images reviewed.

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