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Birch, John – Photographer – 1893

John Birch 1893

Title John Birch
Date 1893
Location Yeadon
Photo ID H900
Comment John Birch of Yeadon, Christmas 1893, the image was taken by his friend and fellow photographer, E E Slater of Hopeville House, Yeadon. Both men took photographs of people and places in an around Yeadon and nearby areas.

On the 14th August 2023, this image was found within the archives held by the AHS, identifying him as John Birch. There were no further details or other information.

We did have, however, a photograph of an ‘unknown’ man within our website pages listed as ‘Unknown Man & Unknown Location’, who matched the description exactly as can be seen below. All further information regarding his profession and association with E E Slater was obtained via Google.

John Birch 1893

B843 – Unknown Man, c1900.

John Birch – 1893

Photographer E E Slater.

Previously listed as:

Unknown Man – c1900

An unknown man.

Editor’s Note: I had a little giggle to myself when I first saw the details which accompanied this image which were ‘He also has the upper section of his middle finger missing.’ Of course, with modern technology giving the ability to enlarge images, it can clearly be seen the the alleged missing finger is indeed not missing but slipped inside the gentleman’s jacket. Much to the relief of the said gentleman no doubt!

I further noted that this image had been reproduced the wrong way round, the correct image should be as shown below in B843A, with the jacket fastening left over right.

Jack Brayshaw, 02 August 2022.

John Birch 1893

B843A – Unknown Man, c1900.

John Birch – 1893

Image shown the correct way round.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 15 August 2023.
Last updated: 15 August 2023.

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