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Coates, Maud & Daughters – c1910

Mrs Maud Coates & Daughters c1910

Title Maud Coates
Date c1910
Location Yeadon
Photo ID X45
Comment Mrs Maud Coates standing by a rustic fence.

Editor’s Note: As with many of the images that the AHS receive they come with information supplied by the donor at the time and it is this information that accompanies the images we publish. In some cases the information may, with the passage of time, be incorrect, however, we are always open to updating/adding to our records whenever new information is available. JB. 21 November 2022.

If the dates and names are about right, I found 3 sisters of a similar age, who in 1911 were 17, 16, and 13 (three of the daughters of William and Margaret Coates from South Parade, Yeadon). They were: Maud Anne, Lizzie and Elsie. They look about the right age and Maud does not have a wedding ring. (X45A) In my research, “My” Maud married Thomas Mawson in 1915 and had one son.

Additional research by Helen M.

20 November 2022

Mrs Maud Coates & Daughters c1910

X45A – Mrs Maud Coates & Daughters, c1910.

Mrs Maud Coates & Daughters – c1910

Mrs Maud Coates is on the right, the girls were Lizzie Coates and ? Coates.

Maud Coates c1910

E372 – Maud Coates, c1910.

Maud Coates – c1910

We have many photo’s such as this, one where we have a named person but no other information, it is all history, and will be placed into our permanent archives on our website.
It shows a group of people, some of whom are in costume, Maude Coates is the girl on the left of the front row.

This image was in our ‘Unknown’ archives but now we have found a link and it is back where it belongs.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 November 2021.
Last updated: 27 November 2022 – Photo ID: E372. 21 November 2022 – Photo ID: X45 & X45A additional text.

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