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Cooper, Albert & Wynne – 1995

Albert & Wynne Cooper 1995

Title Albert & Wynne Cooper
Date 1995
Location Yeadon
Photo ID S79
Comment Diamond Wedding celebration for Mr and Mrs Cooper. The venue was Yeadon Methodist Church, the couple are seen here cutting their cake. They lived on Hudson Terrace, Mrs Cooper was the niece of Sydney Howard, local actor and comedian, her mother was his sister. For many years they were members of Aireborough Historical Society, as well as Mr Cooper being the President.
Albert & Wynne Cooper 1995

S80 – Albert & Wynne Cooper, 1995.

Albert & Wynne Cooper – 1995

Mr and Mrs Cooper had a celebration at Yeadon  Methodist Church to mark their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 22 June 2022.
Last updated: 22 June 2022.

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