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Denison, John – 2012

John Denison 2012

Title John Denison
Date 2012
Location Cenotaph, Whitehall, London./td>
Photo ID FBA206
Comment John has been contributing tales of his childhood in Yeadon to the web-site, he is seen here on Remembrance Day 2012. He was given the honour of marching past the cenotaph in Whitehall on Remembrance Day, he served in the Army.
John Denison 2013

CH131 – John Denison, 2013.

John Denison – 2013

A double page article in the Wharfedale Observer (17.10.13) relates how two old friends from South View School, Sam Kilburn and John Denison, were reunited after reading each others entries on the Aireborough Historical Society web-site.

John Denison 2013

CH133 – John Denison, 2013.

John Denison – 2013

As above.

John Denison 2014

E404 – John Denison, 2014.

John Denison – 2014

John Denison and Sam Kilburn, Yeadon.

These two men have contributed many memories and images to the AHS website. Both born in 1926, they attended South View School together before they lost touch with each other. Sam joined the Home Guard and then went into the Navy, John joined the Army and eventually settled in Salisbury. The pair recognised each other on the website and were reunited.

John had recalled memories of watching magic lantern shows at home with his dad and offered his slides to AHS, he came to Yeadon in person to hand them to Carlo Harrison, they met in the Clothiers Arms for lunch and Sam joined them. It was a memorable reunion as the two old pals had not seen each other for 74 years! In spite of them both now being aged 88 years of age they recognised each other immediately.

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