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Emsley, Michael – 1938

Michael Emslsey 1938
Title Michael Emsley
Date 1938
Location Yeadon
Photo ID E052
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The location is a cul-de-sac off Victoria Avenue which formed the entrance to the Yorkshire Aeroplane Club based at Yeadon Aerodrome.
There were 3 pairs of semi-detached houses, the pair on the right were used as a clubhouse for the Aeroplane Club with accommodation for the chief flying instructor Captain H V Worrall on the upper floor.
An extension was built onto the right side of the clubhouse (not in View).
The child, Michael Emsley, is also seen in image E039.
The houses are gone but this entrance to the airport is still used by Multi-Flight (September 2012)

Previous Comments:

At the onset of war H V Worral was given the job of Chief Test Pilot for A.V.Roe who built a shadow factory adjacent to Whithouse Lane and Harrogate road, Known as the AVRO.
31 July 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 November 2021.
Last updated: 01 November 2021.

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