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Hardwick, Mary Ann – c1912

Mary Ann Hardwick Undated
Title Mary Ann Hardwick
Date c1912
Location Yeadon
Photo ID FB267
Comment Mary Ann Hardwick (nee Swailes) was born in 1871, she was well respected in Yeadon being a local nurse (St. John Ambulance) and a popular midwife. The Hardwick family had a small shop on Walkers Row, Mary Ann died in 1944. Image Donated by Phillip Walker.

Previous Comments:

From our facebook page a post by Richard Hardwick:
Mary Ann Hardwick (nee Swailes) married William Hardwick in 1899. He was the son of my great, great uncle James Hardwick. William and Mary Ann had two children in Yeadon, Harold North Hardwick who married Emily Rhodes and Elsie Hardwick who married Robinson Parker both in 1915 and at least three children after the family moved to Hunslet, Leeds, including Nellie Hardwick who married Norman Preston in 1918. All the marriages took place in Yeadon after the family had moved back. Any of their children would be my third cousins and I am keen to be in touch with any relative who may be interested. Many thanks.
05 May 2014.

She is in my family tree. My great great grandfather John Hardwick his son Thomas, his son James, his son William married Mary Ann. My line comes down through John Hardwick, son Isaac, son Isaac, son Herman.
13 May 2015.

This photo is of my great Nan Hardwick, she was mum to Elsie Walker nee Hardwick. Elsie married Robinson Walker and they had 3 sons, Eric, Leslie and my dad Joseph Robinson (Joseph being after his granddads name) and the Robinson being a family name of a previous generation. ‘electricphil’, who I have seen a comment from on these boards is the son of my dad’s cousin Sidney (who was a brilliant artist). This photo I do have a copy of, left to me by my dad. There is actually a photo of Mary Ann taken with a group (including her daughter Elsie and future husband to be Robinson Walker) of St. John’s Ambulance folk from Yeadon in Swan Field. It was taken circa 1912 according to my dad. Anyhow, if anyone is interested, this photo was submitted by me to Leodis the large Leeds photographic archive. I along with ‘electricphil’ have been researching this family for a few years, Phil and his sister have done most of the research, and I have just added an occasionally photo or two. My email is listed, should anyone require further info? I will help if I can.
03 September 2017.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 November 2021.
Last updated: 01 November 2021.

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