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Hardy, W – c1890

W Hardy & Family c1890

Title W Hardy
Date c1890
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M048
Comment Mr Hardy had a hardware store at the end of Ivegate (Temple Bar), the British Legion apartments Lane Fox Court are now on the site (December 2012). He is seen here with his wife and 6 children.
W Hardy Shop c1890

M049 – W Hardy, c1890.

W Hardy – c1890

Hardware shop which was the business of W Hardy, it stood at the end of Ivegate in the area called Temple Bar or Henshaw Lane Head.
Lane Fox Court apartments are now on this site (December 2012).

Previous Comments:

Re M048
This photo was taken in 1890 as the youngest boy is my Wife’s father Fred Hardy and he was born in 1887 and is about 3yrs old. The back row are ? Ida, Willie Russell (adopted) Dorinda, and Emma. This dates the shop to around that time.
11 June 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 03 November 2021.
Last updated: 03 November 2021.

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