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Harrison, Olive & Kathleen – Undated

Olive Harrison Undated

Title Olive Harrison
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID U329
Comment Olive was Carlo Harrison’s aunt, she married Horace Ashworth.
Harrison Family Undated

U311 – Harrison Family, Undated.

Harrison Family – Undated

The lady on the left Rene Mellet with her arm through John (Jack) Harrison, Kathleen Harrison and Rene’s husband Tommy Mellet.

Olive & Kathleen Harrison 1941

K454 – Olive and Kathleen Harrison, 1941.

Olive & Kathleen Harrison – 1941

Sisters Olive and Kathleen Harrison, Olive became a professional accordion player with great success.

Donated by Suzanne Harrison.

Olive Harrison 1941

U311 – Harrison Family, Undated.

Olive Harrison – 1941

Olive is seen here with her accordion, she was an acclaimed musician, also the aunt of Carlo Harrison.

Donated by Carlo Harrison.


U396 – Olive and Kathleen Harrison, 1947.

Olive Harrison – 1947

Olive was an accomplished accordion player, this business card gives her address on Lower Queen Street, Horace Ashworth was her husband.

Olive Harrison 1947

U397 – Olive Harrison, 1947.

Olive Harrison – 1941

Reverse of above image.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 20 July 2022.
Last updated: 20 July 2022.

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