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Hathaway, Charlie – 1965

Aireborough Boys Club 1965

Title Charlie Hathaway
Date 1965
Location Yeadon
Photo ID FB007
Comment The location is the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel hill, it was used as a meeting place for the club before the permanent home for the club was built by the Dam. The money for this came from local people fund-raising until they had half the cost of building, Aireborough Council paid the other half. The boys were taught gymnastics, boxing and exercising with Indian clubs. The boy in the middle of the back row is holding a pair of clubs. The man on the right is Charlie Hathaway who coached the boys, on his left is Jimmy Hairsign.
Aireborough Boys Club 1971

FB005 – Charlie Hathaway, 1971.

Charlie Hathaway – 1971

This was a dress rehearsal for the Top Youth Club competition, the club won this title 4 times. This photo was posted on our facebook page and received a host of comments and name recognition from the people in the photo or their relatives. The names we know are: Graham Wilkinson, Philip Mangam (deceased), Andrew Emsley, David North, Dougie Forkin, Jeremy Sample, John Wilkinson, Graham Wilkinson, Charlie Hathaway, Joyce: Andrew Thompson, Richard Glendinning, Mike Arnold (Australian), Christine Hathaway, Karen Wood, Kim Hewitt, Jill Myers, Alan Preston, Margaret Calverley, Anne Butterfield (front row 2nd from the right), Judith Johnson, Eric Blackwell, Jean Butterfield (front row, 2nd from the left), Jim Holden, Pat Starkie, David Johnson (Deceased), Kathleen Warrent. Donated by Christine Phillips.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 27 June 2022.
Last updated: 28 June 2022.

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