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Holdsworth, Ethel JP. – 1967

Ethel Holdsworth JP 1967

Title Ethel Holdsworth
Date 1967
Location Yeadon
Photo ID D310
Comment A portrait of Mrs Holdsworth, JP, she was Chairman of Aireborough Council 1957/58, a founder member and 1st President of the Aireborough and Horsforth Museum Society in 1957, the name was later changed to Aireborough Historical Society. Messrs Sutcliffe and Winfield were members of the Society.
Ethel Holdsworth JP 1967

D310A – Ethel Holdsworth, 1967.

Ethel Holdsworth – 1967

Dear Mr Sutcliffe,

I enclose one of the “proofs” I have which were taken to hang in the Council Chamber. I hope it will be suitable as I expect it can be reproduced in the size you require for your records. How time flies – it is 10 years since I was your President. Whilst looking up the photo I came across the notes on the historical buildings preserved in Aireborough and Horsforth which reminded me that I had not given a copy of them to Mr Winfield – I hope one day to do so, if I can make sense of them after so long a time.

I hope you are well – the last few days have made us think that summer is really on the way.                

Kind regards, sincerely yours,

Ethel Holdsworth”

Ethel Holdsworth JP 1967

D310B – Ethel Holdsworth, 1967.

Ethel Holdsworth – 1967

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