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Jenkinson, Mrs & Daughters – 1920s

Mrs jenkinson & Daughters 1920s
Title Mrs Jenkinson & Daughters
Date 1920s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M058
Comment The location is thought to be Abbey Garth or possibly Woods Yard, the women were Mrs Jenkinson and 2 of her daughters Ellen and Nellie Wild.

Previous Comments:

These people are not Mrs Jenkinsons daughters they are contemporary with Mrs Jenkinson who lived in Varley’s Fold and they are my Great aunt Ellen Wild and Great cousin Nellie Wild, Middle and far right who lived in Woods Yard in the 30s.
14 June 2013.

The lady 2nd left is Caroline Jenkinson my great Grandmother, I think the lady 1st left could be her daughter Mary Ann. Caroline did live in Varley’s Fold in the late 20s as did her son Lawrence my Grandfather and her Granddaughter Marjorie my mother. There is mention of them all living in Varley’s Fold in a paper clipping called ‘Memory Lane’ by Ian Hutton.
18 August 2017.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 November 2021.
Last updated: 01 November 2021.

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