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Lawson Family – 1867 – 1918

W H Lawson c1887

Title William Henry Lawson
Date c1887
Location Yeadon
Photo ID M610
Comment The donor of these photos, Julie Martin, told us that this couple were her great grandparents, William Henry Lawson born Worlds End, Yeadon, 1867 (d 1954).
Mrs W H Lawson c1887

M611 – Mrs W H Lawson, c1887.

Mrs William Henry Lawson – c1887

Mary Elizabeth Lawson (nee Mary Elizabeth Robinson), born Temple Bar, Yeadon, 1872 (d 1946). William Henry was the son of Robert Lawson and Hannah Cooper who farmed at Whitehouse Farm. Robert was the brother of John Farrar Lawson who owned Warren House Farm in the late 1800s early 1900s.

Albert Lawson c1900

K603 – Albert Lawson, c1900.

Albert Lawson – c1900

Albert Lawson was the great uncle of Julie Martin who donated these photos, he is in the centre of the group of children holding a cricket bat, the boy to his right is thought to be Julie’s grandfather Robert Lawson.
Albert was born in 1895 and baptised on the 21st April 1895, the son of William Henry Lawson and Mary Elizabeth Robinson.

Emma Lawson 1911

E530 – Emma Lawson, 1911.

Emma Lawson – 1911

Invitation to a Coronation tea for Mrs Emma Lawson, part of Yeadon celebrations for the Coronation of King George V.

Et5hel Lawson Undated

E575 – Ethel Lawson, Undated.

Ethel Lawson – Undated

Ethel Lawson Card, Guiseley.

A 21st birthday greetings card sent to Ethel by someone called Minnie.

Donated by Alan Pickles.

Albert Lawson c1914

K604 – Albert Lawson, c1914.

Albert Lawson – c1914

In WW1 he became a gunner in the Royal Field Artillery and died aged 23 on the Somme, 29th September 1918. He is seen here in civilian clothing and in below, uniform.

Albert Lawson c1914-1918

K605 – Albert Lawson, c1914 -1918.

Previous Comments:

Re K603
Looking at the picture, top left hand side, you can just make out a row of houses, which could be Harper Lane or South View Terrace. The children are sitting in the fields of Henshaw before it was developed and possibly the mill would have been Green Lane, the first one.
02 April 2015.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 03 July 2022.
Last updated: 13 September 2023 – Photo ID: M610 & M611.

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