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Murgatroyd, Carl – Undated

Carl Murgatroyd Undated
Title Carl Murgatroyd
Date Undated
Location Yeadon/Canada
Photo ID U18
Comment Carl Murgatroyd was the son of Ephron Murgatroyd a woollen manufacturer and Mary Ann Wilson, he was born in 1886 at Yeadon Manor, his sister Lilian was also born there. He emigrated to Canada before 1914, this photo was taken there. Yeadon Manor, also called Yeadon Hall, lay behind Manor Mill on Kirk Lane. It existed before the mill. a house had been on the site since at least 1690, a door lintel was inscribed 1690 DIM, the initial M is possibly a reference to the Marshall family who are thought to have lived there at some time. It was never the home of the Lord of the Manor of Yeadon, that was Low Hall on Gill Lane. Joseph Cawthra, owner of the Old Dog Mill lived at Yeadon Manor until he emigrated to Canada in 1810. The Manor was advertised in the Leeds Intelligencer July 4th 1780 “To let at Upper Yeadon, all that messuage known by the name Yeadon Hall, 6 large chambers on the first floor with chambers over, 2 large cellars, Barn, Stables, Chaise House, Granaries, Dove Cote, Garden etc, Shop and Warehouse suitable for wool stapler or manufacturer, 27 days work of land. Apply Richard Clayton on the premises” Manor Mill was built in front of the house which was demolished in 1957.

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