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Roe, Herman – Undated

Herman Roe Undated
Title Herman Roe
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID H28
Comment Portrait of Herman Roe We have no information on Mr. Roe, just a photograph with his name on it. Phil Walker has researched Herman Roe and has supplied us with this information: Herman Baker Roe was the only name I could find in Yeadon. b.1902. d. 1975. Married into the Hudson Dynasty (Evelyn Hudson ) Possibly sister of William Hudson in 1935. His profession at the time of his marriage was “Clerk in Woollen warehouse”. His address at the time was Rose Bank Yeadon, which is where the water board offices used to be. At the turn of the century Rose Bank was a farm and the extracts from the 1911 census show Herman and his family at Rose bank and his father Edward Roe is listed as “Farmer and Carting Agent”.

Previous Comments:

I have known the name Herman Roe most of my life, but I always thought (wrongly it seems) that he was a solicitor but if he was a warehouse clerk I may have worked in one of the mills where he was clerk at the time, although if he lived at Rose Bank and I lived in Varley’s fold I may just have heard my parents talking about him. I thought my memory of him was better than it seems to be.
01 June 2013.

I can only go off what’s written on the Marriage Record, but that was 1935, he may have progressed from then. I was born in Yeadon in 1947 and I personally have no prior knowledge of him. In what context did your parents talk about him?
01 June 2013.

There was a Herman Walmsley at Ashfield, who was a practising Solicitor in Yeadon, He as also Clerk to the U.D.C from 1901 to 1936, when he resigned.
08 June 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 08 July 2022.
Last updated: 08 July 2022.

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