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Yeadon, John – The Journal of, 1764 – 1843 by David Kitchen

John Yeadon's Journal 1764-1843
Title John Yeadon
Date 1764 – 1843
Location Yeadon
Photo ID N/A
Comment See text and link below.

From David Kitchen

Dear Elaine, I have recently edited the journal of my ancestor John Yeadon and placed it on a dedicated blog page so that it might be accessible to more people. I have been sharing the link around FB groups in the district and the local and family history libraries.

John lived in Yeadon and worked in a trade allied to the woollen textile industry. He and his wife Mary had 14 children. John was almost wholly self-educated. In his 20s John joined the fledgling Methodist Society and later became a lay preacher. He regularly conducted services (getting there on foot) all up and down the Wharfe and Aire valleys.

His journal is rich in detail about daily life in Yeadon and some neighbouring communities. He read local and national newspapers which were probably borrowed from some kind of community or commercial library. Best of all though is John’s anecdotes about the chapel, events in the community and in his personal life.

Access to the blog is free. My only aim is to make John’s journal available to as many people as possible.

I wondered if AHS might be interested in adding the blog to their archives. Here is the link. If you feel it might be useful please feel free to share or otherwise make use of it in any way that you would like.

Best wishes,
David Kitchen.

13 June 2021

To view and read John Yeadon’s journal, please click on this link – The Journal of John Yeadon (1764-1833) (

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 04 July 2023.
Last updated: 04 July 2023.

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