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Aireborough Grammar School, 1937 – 1991 (3)

AGS Pupils and Staff 1968/69

Title Aireborough Grammar School
Date 1968/69
Location Yeadon
Photo ID C266
Comment View left of centre and centre….
AGS Pupils and Staff 1968/69

C267 – Pupils and Staff, 1968/69.

Pupils and Staff – 1968/69

View centre and right of centre.

AGS Pupils and Staff 1969

C259 – Pupils and Staff, 1969.

Pupils and Staff – 1969

Sections of a photo taken of the whole school, donated by Phillip Peel. His mother Audrey Speight has been a member of the AHS for many years (March 2014).

AGS Pupils and Staff 1969

C261 – Pupils and Staff, 1969.

Pupils and Staff – 1969

As above.

AGS Pupils and Staff 1969

C263 – Pupils and Staff, 1969.

Pupils and Staff – 1969

As above.

AGS Pupils and Staff 1969

C264 – Pupils and Staff, 1969.

Pupils and Staff – 1969

As above.

AGS Swimming Team Undated

J402 – A Swimming Team, Undated.

AGS Swimming Team – Undated

A swimming team with John Ambler, Chairman of Aireborough UDC, his term of office was coming to an end and he was succeeded by Mr F G Allerton.

Netball Team 1969/71

K849 – Under 15s Rugby Team, c1969/71.

Netball Team – c1969/71

A netball team, information supplied by the donor of the photo Keith Parker:
Back row: Paula Milnes, Gillian Lax, Katherine Turner, Jane Featherstone, ?
Front row: Linda Sedgewick, Lynne Robinson, Christine Ford, ? Linda Kaye, Julie Waite (her father was photographer Bryan Waite.) Valerie Mills.

AGS Hockey Team 1970

K621 – Hockey Team, 1970.

AGS Hockey Team – 1970

Hockey team, on the back row are: Valerie Mills, Anne Plummer, Anne Dickinson, Katherine Wilkinson, Christine Ford, Lynne Robinson, Debora Holmes, Linda Kaye.
Front row :Paula Milnes, Julie Waite, Alison Bennett, Julie Eastaugh, Diane Scott, Linda Sedgewick, ?

Donated by Keith Parker.

AGS Under 15s Rugby Team 1970

J272 – Under 15s Rugby Team, 1970.

Under 15s Rugby Team – 1970

At the back Geoff “Dan” Thompson.
Left to right, back row Nik Wood, Graham Kemp, Keith Parker, Chris Briggs, Graham Heap, Mal Riley, Martin Cooke, Simon Claughton, Ged Stone, Alan Wade, Glen Hurst.
Front row, Paul Haigh, Kevin Boyle, Graham Peel, Tez Hardwick, Steven Harrison, Mark Heaton, David Hall.
Seated, David Kirk, Bryn Griffith.
Donated by Keith Parker.

R497 – Rugby Team, 1971/72.

AGS Rugby Team – 1971/72

These boys were the 1st school rugby team.

AGS Easter Austria Trip 1969/70

J403 – Easter Austria Trip, 1969.

Easter Austria Trip – 1969/70

Pupils are waiting to board a coach for a school trip to Austria Easter 1969.
Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Susan Cockroft, Suzanne Woodall, Jennifer Kemp, Ruth Barnes, Jannette Hellewell, Pauline Archdale, Carolyn Lamb, Carol Davies, Sally Collier, Gail Bickers, Julie Ingham, Patricia ?, Penny Gosling, Vicki Stacey, Rosemary Davis, Jean Ambler, Linda Purvess, Cheryl Parr.

Steve Clegg, John Doyle, Dave Pattison, Bob Butchart,
Dick Walker, Robert Anderson. Jim Bloomer, Dave Dickinson, Richard Ibbotson (now Sir Richard Ibbotson; retired Naval Officer), ‘Prof’ Richard Elliott, Dave Wild, Steve Cappindale, Stephen Barrett, David Shaw, Charles Pope, Phil Lockwood, Andrew Jobbings, John Maud, Martin North, Paul Slater, ’Strawberry’ (I presume a nickname!) & his friend.

Mr & Mrs Thompson, Mr & Mrs Lawson, Mr & Mrs Lazenby.

Names supplied by Pauline Paulfreyman (nee Archdale)

AGS Romeo & Juliet Undated

J416 – Romeo & Juliet, Undated.

Romeo & Juliet – Undated

The cast in costume for a production of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

AGS Prize Day 1970s

D346 – Prize Day, 1970s.

Prize Day – 1970s

A group of children receiving prizes.

Rounders Team c1970

K630 – Rounders Team, c1970.

Rounders Team – c1970

School rounders team with names on the photo.
Back row left to right: M Cheadle, J Waite, C Wilson, L Sedgewick, A Bennett, A Mortimer.
Front row left to right: A Wray, D Holmes, S Stephens, L Robinson, D Scott.

Donated by Keith Parker.

Previous Comments:

Re C267
My older brother Roger Gregory is third from the right on the back row.
19 August 2014.

Rob Rigby
My grandad was the headmaster there and his son (my dad) Oliver Burras Rigby was head boy and later a grammar school headmaster in his own right. Dad achieved so much and amongst other things was Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in Devon. Granddad died before dad could tell him and with the Duke dying it has brought everything back.
10 April 2021.

Michael Tomlinson
I attended AGS 1940-45. I’m gratefull to all staff for good grounding for great career; explored chemistry inside nuclear reactors; chemistry for electricity etc. Special salute to teacher Basher Hall RIP. Messages from former classmates welcome. I’m now age 92 years and live in Saskatoon SK Canada …
16 August 2021.

Geoff Loxham
I attended 1962 to 1969. I have so much to thank for the school for training me in how to live! Mr Tillotson taught me physics but more importantly how to work for exams. Study 30 mins rest 30 mins study 30 mins etc. I never forgot that technique. It worked for me. Best of all Mr Stevenson the best chemistry teacher ever. He got me so interesting in chemistry by his enthusiastic lessons. I’m now 70 so it’s only taken me more than half a century to say THANK YOU!! Appreciate you are probably no longer with us but you made a difference for me.
21 November 2021.

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Consolidated by Philip Archdale. 18 February 2022.
Last updated: 23 November 2023 – Photo ID: K849, K62. 125 January 2023 – All images reviewed.

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