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Football Teams – c1910 onwards

Unidentified Football Team c1910

Title Unidentified Football Team
Date c1910
Location Yeadon
Photo ID C068
Comment This Yeadon football team is unidentified, however, the man 4th from left in the back row is Fred Freeman, in the front row 1st left is Harry Freeman. The man standing on the right is Peter Freeman.
St. Andrew's Football Team c1919/1920

D939 – St. Andrew’s Church Football Team, 1920.

St. Andrew’s Church Football Team – c1919/1920

The football team representing St. Andrew’s Church.

Football Teams 1920

J055 – Unidentified Football Team, 1920.

Unidentified Football Team – 1920

An unknown football team.
The donor of the photo Julie Martin suggests that they were probably from Yeadon.

Football Teams 1921/22

PU136 – St. Andrew’s Church Football Team, 1921/22.

St. Andrew’s Church Football Team – 1921/22

St, Andrew’s Church Lads Football Team, at the front, 2nd in from the right is Eric Witham.

Donated by Mr & Mrs Witham.

Football Teams c1921/22

PU137 – St. Andrew’s Church Football Team, c1921/22.

St. Andrew’s Church Football Team – c1921/22

These “Church Lads” played for the football team, at the back on the left is Harry Burke, on the right is Eric Witham, front right is ? Myers.

Donated by Mr & Mrs Witham.

St. John's Church Football Team 1921/22

L18 – St. John’s Church Football Team, 1921/22.

St. John’s Church Football Team – 1921/22

St. John’s Church Lads Football Team, a minister is on the left.

Football Teams c1940

Y348 – Green Lane Mill Football Team, c1940.

Green Lane Mill Football Team – c1940

Green Lane Mill football team, the donor of the photo, Keith Grace, supplied the names: Jeff Yeadon,  ? Kilburn, Denis Chamberlain, Keith Yeadon,  Gerald Roberts and Maurice Sutcliffe. (second from right on front row)  

Football Teams Undated

Y417 – Green Lane Mill Football Team, Undated.

Green Lane Mill Football Team – Undated

Green Lane Mill football team, the donor of the photo Keith Grace supplied the following names:  Tom Grace, ? Kilburn, Walter Sutcliffe, Dennis Chamberlain, Keith Yeadon.

Football Teams 1948/49

V252 – Henshaw Amateur Football Team, 1948/49.

Henshaw Lane Amateur Football Team – 1948/49

On the back row are: J Butterfield, J Clapham, G Driver, K Webster, T Barran, H Robinson, B Bell, ? Minouge. Front :  H Kilburn, L Hawkins, G Roberts, ? Clapham, ? Walker, F Dickinson, G Simpson, C Booth.

Unknown Football Team 1949/50

J749 – Unknown Football Team, 1949/50.

Unknown Football Team – 1949/50

A Football team photographed on Kirk Lane in 1949/50.
Standing Left to Right: Ronnie Lawson, Bernard Graham, ?,?,?,?,?.
Seated Left to Right: ?,?, Bryan Stott, ?, Fred Parker.

Donated by Michael Parker.

Football Teams c1950

B758 – Kirk Lane Football Team, c1950.

Kirk Lane Football Team – c1950

A team calling themselves the Kirk Lane Killers, seen in Kirk Lane Park.

Names given as: Steve Schaffer, Syd Rogers, Terry Brown, Billy Slater, ? Padgett, Chex Chaffer, Roy Huntley, Max Armitage, Doug Pickles, Brian Bywell, Pete Armitage.

RAF Yeadon Football Team 1955/56

F506 – RAF Yeadon Football Team, 1955/56.

RAF Yeadon Football Team – 1955/56

Albert Edward Ashcroft is 3rd from the left on the back row in this RAF football team photograph.

Donated by Mrs A Ashcroft.

James Ives Football Team c1960

F751 – James Ives Football Team, c1960.

James Ives Football Team – c1960

The football team, seen in front of Leafield Mill, some men have been named as :

Bob Brown, Gilbert Padget, Raymond Clifford, Noel Webster and Brian Airton.

Donated by Alan Clifford.

Football Teams 1969

FB093 – Banksfield United, 1969.

Banksfield United – 1969

This is a photo of Banksfield United, which was a short lived football team formed by a group of eleven-year-old boys living in the Banksfield/Shaw Lane estate part of Yeadon. The photo was taken on a rough patch of ground in between Banksfield Mill and Banksfield Avenue. Some of the children lived as far away as Rawdon though. The photo was taken in about 1969 by a photographer from the Wharfedale Observer and appeared in the paper.
Back row from the left: Ian Winterburn, Graham Dewhurst, unknown, David Pearson, Andrew Cockings, David Wood, Philp Midgley.
Front Row from left:. Ian Dewhurst, Lawrence Palmer, David Kitchen, John Kilburn, Stephen Claughton.

Donated by Dave Kitchen

Football Teams 1969

PU042 – Woolpack Wanderers, c1985.

Woolpack Wanderers – 1985

Football team posing outside the pub calling themselves the Woolpack Wanderers, they were formerly the Trades Hall team and the White Cross Wanderers. Ian Gillingham – (donor of the photo) is in the middle of the group wearing a yellow shirt, this is not part of the team football strip, next to him on the right wearing a tie is Peter Kelly.

Consolidated by Linda Plonka. 07 February 2022.
Last updated: 26 October 2023 – Photo ID: L18. 25 September 2023 – F751. 02 August 2023 – PhotoID: F506. 23 July 2023 – PhotoID: C068. 07 July 2023 – J749. 26 November 2022 – All images updated.

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