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Harry Ramsden’s, 1928 – 2011 (3)

Harry Ramsden's 1988

Title Harry Ramsden’s
Date 1988
Location Guiseley
Photo ID M036
Comment View of the car park, on the left is a large marquee which has been labelled “Harry Ramsden’s Festival Theatre”. There is a shop and amusements which were permanent features. In the foreground are members of a pipe band in full regalia, this was all to mark 60 years of Harry Ramsden’s in Guiseley.
Harry Ramsden's 1988

M037 – Harry Ramsden’s, 1988.

Harry Ramsden’s – 1988

Crowds outside Harry Ramsden’s fish restaurant at White Cross, the celebration was to mark 60 years of trading.
On the opposite side of the road a DIY store occupies the old tram sheds, this is now a gym (December 2012)
On the right edge is the White Cross Hotel.

Harry Ramsden's 1990

H424 – Harry Ramsden’s, 1990.

Harry Ramsden’s – 1990

Interior view of the restaurant which retained many of the original decorative features.

Donated by Anne North.

Harry Ramsden's 1994

FB251 – Harry Ramsden’s, 1994.

Harry Ramsden’s – 1994

Looking across the roundabout at White Cross, the restaurant is now owned by the Wetherby Whaler chain (July 2013).

Image Donated by Dennis Court.

Harry Ramsden's 2004

H423 – Harry Ramsden’s, 2004.

Harry Ramsden’s – 2004

Fish and chip restaurant at White Cross, now the Wetherby Whaler.

Donated by Anne North

Harry Ramsden's 2008

FB132 – Harry Ramsden’s, 2008.

Harry Ramsden’s – 2008

Behind the fish restaurant had been an amusement arcade, seen here prior to demolition.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

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